DOTS GeoPhone Plus 2

Reverse Mobile and Landline Phone Lookup For Business & Residential Telephone Numbers

DOTS GeoPhone Plus 2 (second release) provides significant enhancements to the architecture and data sources of our widely popular reverse phone lookup service. Now included is lat/long of registered phone user and date-driven portability information.

This is a real-time API service that provides phone lookup information for landlines, wireless/cellular numbers and VoIP. Our extensive database of over 400 million individual records, including 170 million wireless numbers, cover the United States and Canada, making this the most accurate, up-to-date phone number validation service available in the market.

DOTS GeoPhone Plus 2 does more than validate the 10 digits of a phone number – it provides the contact or business name and address associated with that phone number, provides telecom carrier information, phone type and line type. New features now include date ported, utilization of Caller ID information, SIC codes and descriptions, and date first seen. [View Datasheet]

Developer Tools

Service Objects offers comprehensive tools to assist in your integration and deployment of DOTS GeoPhone Plus 2.

Sample Code
Download DOTS GeoPhone Plus 2 Sample Code, and get instant access to code that illustrates how to integrate the API calls in a variety of programming languages.
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Example of the sample request URL/HTTP parameters:[YourKey]

Compatible Programming Language Support:

Features and Benefits

Features of Reverse Phone Lookup API

  • Reverse-lookup of wireless, landline, VoIP and toll-free telephone numbers for residential, business, and government telephone listings
  • Database includes over 400 million individual telephone records, with 170 million wireless numbers
  • Appends rooftop latitude and longitude information at address-level
  • Utilizes cascading logic to resolve caller identification data
  • Identifies phone type (business or residential)
  • Determines line type (landline, wireless or VoIP)
  • Quality score returned with every transaction
  • Accesses Local Number Portability (LNP) data and returns date of porting
  • 8 digit SIC code and description provided for finer detail into business classification
  • Data is compiled from over 2,300 US, Canadian, and Puerto Rican telephone carriers
  • Validates residential contact or business name and associated address for wireless numbers and landlines
  • Returns phone number provider information (including carrier, city, state, latitude and longitude)
  • Response time approximately 0.7 seconds

Benefits of GeoPhone Plus Reverse Phone Lookup

  • Enhances customer records with valid wireless phone numbers
  • Verifies accuracy of phone number in coordination with other data points
  • Connects alternative phone numbers with existing contact records
Pricing & Demos

We offer standard and customized real-time contact validation pricing plans depending on the number of transactions your company will validate per month. Batch cleansing services are also available (batches start at $600).

For pricing information or to request a 15-minute technical discovery, contact us.