DOTS GeoPhone

DOTS GeoPhoneSM by Service Objects is a real-time web service API that provides reverse phone lookup for North American landlines, including business, residential and toll-free numbers.

Companies can identify the contact or business name and address associated with a given telephone number. Additional information returned includes provider name, line type and geographic data that allows businesses greater insight into existing customers.

Five Reasons to Choose us
  • GeoPhone Features

    • Append residential and business contact information daily from over 2,300 telecom carriers
    • Match rate accuracy of 99.75% for listed telephone numbers
    • Reverse lookup of landline, VolP and toll-free numbers for residential, business and government listings
    • Identifies line type (landline, wireless or VoIP)
    • Returns phone type (residence or business)
    • Over 2.5 million updates daily
    • Database includes over 190 million residential listings and 30 million business numbers
    • Verifies contact or business name and address associated with the telephone number
    • Returns phone provider information (including carrier, city, state, latitude and longitude)
    • Response time as fast as 0.4 seconds
    • Real-time API or batch service available.
  • Benefits of Reverse Phone Lookup

    DOTS Geophone is a reverse phone lookup tool that makes it easy to extract a customer's address based only on the customer's phone number. Adding reverse phone number lookup to your toolbox ensures that all customer contact information is accurate, genuine, complete, and up-to-date. Our reverse phone lookup API appends customer contact information to existing phone records

    and provides deeper insights into each record (such as if a phone number is business or residential). Use reverse phone lookup to optimize marketing efforts and enhance customer service with the most current contact information available. Why settle for just a name and phone number when you can easily get each customer's entire address?

Pricing plans start at $289/month
and include our exclusive Customer Success Program (with annual contracts) featuring:
  • 24/7 Critical Emergency Support
  • Programming consultation with Integration Engineer
  • Early access to product releases and version updates
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