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4 Benefits to Communicating through the SMS Gateway

Written by Karen Aquino on . Posted in GeoPhone Plus, Marketing, Phone

As a consumer, what do you consider to be the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to have a message delivered to you? Postal mail is slow and costly; phone calls can be quick and simple, but are not always convenient; email is instantaneous and more accessible now with smart phones, but only about 26% of all emails are ever opened. Today, text messaging is a dominant form of communication, with 6.3 billion messages sent per day in the US alone....   ►Continue Reading
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Data Normalization: The Key to Verifying Online Leads & Orders

Written by Karen Aquino on . Posted in eCommerce, Fraud Protection, Lead Validation

Updated from original post Why Cross Checking is Important When Using a Contact Validation Web Service, published 02/17/10 Although the Internet allows for many business benefits, it is also an effective way that fraudsters create bogus leads or orders—ultimately creating business headaches. Online fraud is a pervasive issue that costs businesses billions of dollars every year in lost merchandise, customer satisfaction, and resources. There are many data quality companies who provide services to verify your online leads...   ►Continue Reading

When & How to Best Use Batch Cleanup

Written by Karen Aquino on . Posted in Product Information, Technical Information

Updated from original post The Business of Batches, published 04/02/09 We are often asked, “What is the difference between integrating an API versus running a batch?” Running a batch through one of our contact validation services involves sending your data as a CSV (comma separated values) or Excel file to us for a one-time cleanup. In contrast, programming an API into your application or database will allow you to cleanse, standardize, and...   ►Continue Reading

Ensuring Insurance covers the Proper Property

Written by Jim Harris, Guest Blogger on . Posted in Address Geocode, Address Validation Services

Location, location, location. Those are often claimed to be the three most important words in real estate. Since new homeowners need to properly insure their new investment, location, location, location are also the three most important words in property insurance, making it a good case study in address accuracy.  While insurance companies also rely on accurate addresses for correspondence by mail, the most important reason for ensuring the...   ►Continue Reading