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Undeliverable As Addressed Mail

Solving the Case of the Undeliverable Address

Written by Jim Harris, Guest Blogger on . Posted in Address Validation Services

As I recently experienced, a valid address is not always an accurate address. Businesses rely on valid addresses to ensure deliverable mail, save costs associated with returned mail, and reduce paper waste. If you doubt its environmental impact, consider this Earth Day fact: Undeliverable mail adds an estimated 300 million pounds of paper waste to landfills every year. Furthermore, an address validation service for US addresses can not only tell you if an address is valid and deliverable, but also whether…   ►Continue Reading

Security Update Performed to Address OpenSSL Vulnerability

Written by Geoff Grow on . Posted in General Service Objects Information, Technical Information

We understand that your information is your livelihood and it must be kept secure. We maintain a strict privacy policy and contact data sent to us via our web service interface is never recorded to persistent memory. All our sensitive data is encrypted and our redundant infrastructure ensures the highest levels of service availability. Our engineering team has been working to assess the impact for our…   ►Continue Reading

Connecting the DOTS: It Starts With a Name

Written by Ashlye Azad on . Posted in Name Validation

New video series Connecting the DOTS featuring Jim Harris of Obsessive-Compulsive-Data-Quality explores name validation and it’s important role in ensuring data quality excellence within your organization.
The most personal of personal data is a person’s name, which is why the most impersonal thing, is getting a person’s name wrong. When our names are entered into databases, either by ourselves, or…   ►Continue Reading

What’s in a (First & Last) Name?

Written by Jim Harris, Guest Blogger on . Posted in Name Validation

Little known fact: William Shakespeare was an accomplished data quality expert before he hit it big as a playwright. In fact, data quality was an underlying theme of many of his plays. Name validation, for example, played a central role in Romeo and Juliet where, in the family feud of fair Verona, the Capulets and Montagues were sworn enemies. This was bad news for the budding relationship of Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague. If an unacceptable…   ►Continue Reading