DOTS Email Validation 3

Instantly Verify Email Addresses and Validate Deliverability

Improve the effectiveness of your email list marketing—instantly identify invalid email addresses in your customer database. DOTS Email Validation 3SM by Service Objects is a real-time web service API that determines if an email address is genuine, accurate and deliverable. DOTS Email Validation 3 returns detailed information and error codes for bad email addresses. This service also performs over 50 tests on each email and calculates a simple quality score (0-4) where 0 is accept and 4 is reject.

Up to 20% of email addresses captured in online registrations contain syntax, typo and formatting errors. DOTS Email Validation 3 now seamlessly integrates email hygiene to autocorrect invalid emails with fixable errors. The new email hygiene feature can autocorrect common domain misspellings, syntax errors and remove extraneous characters. [View Datasheet] [Watch Product Video]

Developer Tools

Service Objects offers comprehensive tools to assist in your integration and deployment of DOTS Email Validation 3.

Sample Code
Download DOTS Email Validation 3 Sample Code, and get instant access to code that illustrates how to integrate the API calls in a variety of programming languages.
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JavaValidateEmailFull & ValidateEmailFastSOAPdownload
C#ValidateEmailFull & ValidateEmailFastSOAPdownload
PHP5ValidateEmailFull & ValidateEmailFastRESTdownload

Example of the sample request URL/HTTP parameters:[YourKey]

Compatible Programming Language Support:

Features and Benefits

Email Verification Features

  • Easy to interpret overall email quality score (0-4) derived from over 50 proprietary tests
  • Over 1.2 million MX records tested and updated regularly
  • Automatically corrects common email errors including: typos, extraneous text, common domain misspellings and syntax problems
  • Library of hygiene corrections and domain specific rules updated regularly
  • Identifies bogus, vulgar and role-based email addresses
  • Warns of potential spam traps, honeypots and known spammers
  • Provides important MX specific flags including: catch-all, wireless, free, disposable, alias, domain quality and more
  • Proven, redundant and scalable real-time email validation platform designed for maximum uptime
  • Supports REST, SOAP, GET and POST requests over HTTP/S outputting in XML or JSON formats

Benefits of Real-Time Email Validation

DOTS Email Validation service is an easy-to-use API that instantly weeds out invalid, undeliverable, and bogus email addresses. By using email verification, you can reduce bounces by 90 percent and maximize deliverability. At the same time, email validation protects you from getting blacklisted by ISPs. Our email verification service is ideal for developers who want the cleanest lists possible. With nearly 20 percent of all captured email addresses containing typos or syntax errors, email verification can immediately improve the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. Our email validation API scores each address, corrects common typos, and rejects bogus email addresses in an instant.
Pricing & Demos

We offer standard and customized real-time contact validation pricing plans depending on the number of transactions your company will validate per month. Batch cleansing services are also available (batches start at $600).

For pricing information or to request a 15-minute technical discovery, contact us.