Deloitte projects holidays sales will total $1.3 trillion this season.

Are you prepared to deliver?

*as projected by Deloitte

Holiday Sales to Increase by 9%.

The 2021 holiday season promises to be record-breaking but will also come will significant obstacles for shipping. From manufacturer to last-mile delivery, critical issues will make delivering holiday packages especially challenging this year.
With the increased holiday shipping volume, labor shortages and other COVID driven-woes, shipping issues will be amplified. Delivery companies like FedEx, UPS and the USPS are already experiencing impacts on their on-time performance (OTP) rates, falling as low as 85% this year.
So how do you protect your business? Ensure Data Quality. The accuracy of your customers’ addresses is critical to delivery logistics and meeting your customers’ expectations during the holidays.

Suggest and Validate.

Global Address Complete helps reduce addressing errors at the time of capture by suggesting appropriate addresses and then validating and correcting them to postal and shipping formats, while also ensuring the address is deliverable.
Interested in learning more about the benefits of an address suggestion tool in your ecommerce platform?

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