Case Study

Standardizing Data for a Healthcare Giant

At Service Objects, we serve organizations of all sizes – and in some cases, some of the largest and most recognizable firms in the US and the world. One such company, although we are keeping their name confidential, is one of the largest healthcare corporations in the United States. This organization has a substantial market share in the acute health care and pharmaceutical industries and has facilities in countries around the world.

We recently sat down with representatives from this corporation to discuss how their relationship with Service Objects helps their global, integrated healthcare services and products business function better and more cost-effectively. As users of our Address Validation services for US, Canada and International addresses, here are some key points they shared with us.

Service Objects’ customer service and support is amazing. No matter what time of day a request was submitted, the response time was extremely quick. The support team took the time to really understand the issues and provide workable solutions.

A single solution for a growing company

This firm has grown substantially in recent years, including growth by acquisition. This led to a common problem for large growth organizations: a multiplicity of competing solutions. Different departments were using a variety of competitive tools for address cleansing and standardization, each of which had varying levels of functionality.

They clearly saw the need for database consolidation, as well as uniformity in processes and tools, and were looking for one tool that met all of their functional requirements. Service Objects’ Address Validation capabilities fit that need, at a price point that was better than competitive solutions. After choosing Service Objects they made it their new standard, and began the process of rolling it out across all teams and retiring their old solutions.

A better set of capabilities

This firm chose Service Objects’ DOTS Address Validation services because of its exceptional ability to match, correct and standardize mailing addresses. Service Objects’ Address Validation services use the latest proprietary data sets available, and its matching rates were higher than other competitive solutions that were currently being used internally. Some of the other benefits they gained by switching to Service Objects include the following:

  • The Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) feature gave them the ability to identify residential versus business addresses.
  • With the API’s sub-second response times, the service could be used in real-time to help customers and leads correct errors at the time of entry, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing customer service inquiries.
  • Using AVI for the Asia-Pacific region for an initial data cleanse produced very high quality results, and they are looking to use this capability more in the future as they move further into global markets.

It is extremely important for this company to have accurate addresses: for compliance purposes, items they ship out may only use the address component to ensure privacy, so making sure shipping records are always accurate and up-to-date is more critical than ever. Overall, using a robust Address Validation solution enabled them to improve internal mail processes, ensure cost-saving delivery rates and improve customer communications by verifying and standardizing addresses.

Support as a differentiator

Working in a mission-critical health care environment, this client’s team made it clear that the real key for them was the high level of customer support they received. Here is what one of them told us:

“Service Objects’ customer service and support is amazing. No matter what time of day a request was submitted, the response time was extremely quick. The support team took the time to really understand the issues and provide workable solutions. We were constantly updated on the status of issues, which enables us to better communicate with our internal teams, and therefore get to the root cause of issues much more quickly and improve support resolution rates.”

Looking to the future

Service Objects is looking forward to continuing its productive and collaborative working relationship with this global data-driven organization. Their implementation is a great example of how the right data quality tools helped streamline their operations, and in turn improve both their quality and bottom line.

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