Our Story

Service Objects' story begins with our founder's childhood love of numbers.

Geoffrey Grow remembers dreaming about the infinite expansion series as a child. Geoff soon became fascinated with computers, a natural extension for a born mathematician. At age 14, Geoff wrote the code for a video game that he eventually sold on CompuServe.

Following his passions and nurturing his talents, Geoff earned his Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Hartford. He also co-founded InterAxis, one of California's top 10 startups in 1997, which he later sold to Infranor.

The Concern

An avid open-air enthusiast with a passion for cycling, camping and running, Geoff has always enjoyed exploring Earth's wonders. His appreciation for the outdoors translates into a profoundly serious concern for environmental causes.

One of his concerns involves misspelled mail and waste. In fact, he has kept misspelled mail that has come to him for over 20 years. Frustrated over gross errors, such as the mangled misspelling of his name ("Geff Goow" or "Geff Grover"), Geoff personally understands the impact of bad data quality on customer relationships. Like many customers offended by misspelled names, he made a conscious decision not to do business with companies that can't get simple contact data right.

Geoff's growing collection of poorly addressed mail weighed heavy on his environmental conscience.

He recognized that the poorly addressed mail he had received was just the tip of the iceberg. What about the poorly addressed mail that had zero chance of arriving due to missing or incorrect ZIP codes, transposed street numbers, and misspelled street names? As a business professional, he intuitively understood the financial impacts of bad mailing data. As a mathematician, he couldn't resist crunching the numbers -- and the value of wasted resources astounded him. As an outdoorsman, he worried about the environmental impact of undeliverable mail.

The Solution

At the same time, years of working in data-related jobs opened his eyes to the inefficiencies and waste caused by bad data. Geoff decided to do something. He became fixated on solving problems of inefficiency and waste through mathematical equations. In 2001, he founded Service Objects with a goal of ensuring that every contact record, in every database is accurate, genuine, and as up-to-date as possible.

Today, Service Objects is helping make businesses more efficient by reducing the number of fraudulent contacts and providing the ability to customize messages that reach the right target demographic.

We believe that excellence in data quality is vital for companies to succeed in this data-driven economy.

As the leader in real-time contact validation APIs, Service Objects has changed how businesses verify and standardize customer data. Since our founding, we have fixed more than 3 billion contact records for over 2,800 clients. As a result, we have had a positive impact on customer loyalty, fraud prevention, and the environment.

Geoff's love of math, computers, and the environment along with a concern have resulted in an easy-to-implement solution to several of business's biggest challenges: bogus transactions and contact data, online fraud, undeliverable mail, lost customer loyalty due to data errors, and wasted resources.

Here at Service Objects, we are proud of our heritage and the difference we are making with each contact record we validate.

Geoff Grow
Founder & CEO

Service Objects was founded on four, interconnected core values:
Customer Service Above All -
Service Objects is a service-oriented company that cannot exist without highly satisfied customers. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service, every time.

Happy and Healthy Workplace -
Stellar customer service is a worthy goal, but it can only happen if the work environment is healthy and happy. When employees enjoy their work, it shows. Creating a fun, healthy workplace enables us to deliver the exceptional customer service our customers deserve. Our customers appreciate working with Service Objects employees who genuinely like their jobs.

Corporate Conservation -
In addition to preventing about 300 tons of paper from landing in landfills each month with our Address Validation APIs, we practice what we preach: we recycle, use highly efficient virtualized servers, and use sustainable office supplies. Every employee is conscious of how they can positively impact our conservation efforts.

Network Excellence -
It doesn't matter how good your data is if your network fails to deliver it. Outstanding network performance is an essential part of the data quality equation.