DOTS GeoPhone Plus 2
Instant Reverse Phone Lookup
For Over 400 Million US and
Canadian Phone Numbers
Our reverse phone lookup service accesses data from over 4,000 US,
Canadian and Puerto Rican telephone carriers, including 400 million phone
records and 170 million wireless numbers

Our real-time, reverse phone lookup API returns carrier and contact information based on the phone number provided. Caller contact information includes name, mailing address, address geocoordinates, phone type, line type and date ported. Wireless numbers also return associated SMS and MMS addresses. For business numbers, the SIC code is returned.

The reverse phone lookup also identifies high risk phone number types like portable VOIP and prepaid phones that are commonly used for fraud.

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How GeoPhone Plus Works
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Real-Time API Responses

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Service Response


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Provider Returns
NameNeutral Tandem - Ca
CitySan Luis Obispo
Line TypeLandline

Contact Returns
NameService Objects
Address802 E Cota St
CitySanta Barbara
Postal Code93103-3129
Phone TypeBusiness
SIC Code73750000
SIC DescInformation Retrieval Services
Quality ScoreHigh
SMS Address
MMS Address
Date First Seen2018-03-19
Date Of Porting2017-06-25
Note Codes1,2,3
Note DescriptionsIsmailable,isconnected,isported
Tokens Used65
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For Developers

Our services are built API-first with a focus on data quality and ease of integration.
We support REST, SOAP, GET and POST requests over HTTP/S outputting in XML and JSON formats.

Our API web services are compatible with all major programming languages and we have over 200 pieces of sample code (both snippets and full solutions) available to help with your integration.

Features and Benefits




Uptime Guarantee


Support Engineers

  • Validates and returns residential or business name, carrier and associated addresses for wireless and landline phone numbers
  • Phone database includes over 400 million individual telephone numbers including 170 million wireless
  • Data is updated daily from over 4,000 US, Canadian, and Puerto Rican telephone carriers and new authoritative sources are added frequently
  • Identifies line types, such as wireless, landline, VoIP and toll-free
  • Returns phone type, such as business, residential, and government
  • Determines is a number has been ported and the porting date
  • Appends geocoordinates (latitude and longitude) for both caller and carrier addresses
  • SMS / MMS address append on Wireless numbers
  • 4 digit SIC code and description provided for business classification
  • Uses cascading logic to resolve caller identification data
  • Quality score returned with every transaction
  • Bank-grade security protects every lookup
  • Response time approximately 700 milliseconds
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