Get Latitude and Longitude Coordinates for any U.S. Address

DOTS Address Geocode - US

A real-time geolocation API that translates addresses into exact latitude-longitude coordinates with property-level match rate accuracy up to 99.8%.

DOTS Address Geocode - US is a real-time geocoding API that translates addresses into exact latitude-longitude coordinates. The address geocode software validates addresses against our master database, the US Census Bureau, TIGER®/Line file, USPS® ZIP+4 tables, and other proprietary databases. Our 99.8% match rate accuracy with cascading address geocoding logic ensures quality address to lat/long results.



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Four ways to use our services

Integrate our easy-to-program geocoding API directly into your systems for real-time lat long conversion and physical address identification.


When you have a quick list that needs an address geocode, it's time for DataTumbler, our PC-based data cleansing application.


Implementing an automated FTP batch address geocoder is the perfect way to convert address to lat - long data from one of your systems on a scheduled time.


Quick Lookups are perfect for fast latitude - longitude conversion! Access-from-anywhere address geocode software will allow for quick address lookups.

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    • Translates street address to exact latitude-longitude coordinates with property-level match rate accuracy up to 99.8%
    • Appends latitude-longitude coordinates with latest census tract, county codes (FIPS) and block codes
    • Reverse geocoding returns an address when provided with latitude/longitude coordinates
    • Provides the estimated number of miles, kilometers and feet between two sets of coordinates.
    • Estimates distance to water using either an address or latitude/longitude coordinates
    • Returns the latitude-longitude coordinates of a city centroid when a city and state are provided.
    • Cascading geocoding logic will attempt to append latitude/longitude values at the property-level first, and if not found, the service cascades to the next best match-level; ZIP+4, ZIP+3, ZIP+2, ZIP+1, ZIP or city centroid. Cascading geocoding maximizes match rate and accuracy to provide the industry's highest quality geocoding system.
    • Returns the latitude-longitude coordinates of some major cities in the world; multiple matches can be filtered by country or region
    • Updated monthly
    • Real-time API or batch service available
    • Response time as fast as 400 milliseconds
  • What if you could instantly find out which areas of your community, state, or country have the largest clusters of your customers? Would you be better able to plan your next move or expansion? That's just one beneficial use for address geocode software.

    Service Objects' DOTS Address Geocoding API instantly translates an address to its exact geocode using latitude and longitude coordinates. This translation takes place in real time at the point of entry. In addition, you can run the address geocoder on demand to process an existing list of addresses. Address geocoding opens the doors to other opportunities and enhanced decision-making.

    For example, by geocoding addresses, you can plot customer locations on a map and identify hot spots. Address geocoding with a lat - long converter allows you to make smarter decisions based on where your customers are located, plan sales routes and logistics, and accurately assign county, block and tract codes to addresses to maintain FFIEC compliance.

    Address geocoding is especially useful for fleets and deliveries as route planning and logistics become much more efficient. By streamlining your routes, you can reduce your fuel costs and put fewer miles on your fleet vehicles -- potentially extending their useful lives as a result.

    Many professionals use address geocoding to identify physical locations of potential customers. For example, solar panel contractors may run a list of prospects' addresses through address geocode software to quickly determine each prospect's physical location as well as take a sneak peek at satellite photos to determine whether or not the property would be a good candidate for solar panels. Insurance agents can also use address geocode software to calculate and address's proximity to water, which is often useful in determining flood risk.

    Geocoding is also useful for assigning sales representatives to accounts based on the physical location provided. Street addresses alone aren't necessarily easy to decipher whereas address geocoding can tell you exactly where an address is.

    When you need more than an address, but rather an actual location, our geocoding API provides an accurate geocode instantly. Put location intelligence to work and save time and money while making smarter decisions. ... Read Less

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