Instantly Verify and Standardize Addresses to Canada Post Standards

DOTS Address Validation - Canada 2

Provides industry-leading address matching algorithms to verify, correct and append Canadian addresses. With an average 90ms response time, Address Validation-Canada meets the needs of the most demanding applications without performance degradation.

Covering more than 15.7 million addresses in all 10 provinces and 3 territories, DOTS Address Validation - Canada 2 enables companies to verify, fix and standardize Canadian street addresses. With “auto language detection” this service returns the address in either English or French, with formatting options to return either desired language.



Sample Request URL

JSON OUTPUT Georgia/[YourKey]?format=json
Four ways to use our services

Canadian address validation takes place in real-time, ensuring the most accurate contact information and fraud protection possible.


When you have a small list or occasional need for data cleansing, our PC application, Data Tumbler is the perfect tool for quick, do-it-yourself address validation for Canada.


Schedule routine Canadian address validation tasks each day, week, or month to ensure that your systems always contain clean data.


Whether you have a single address to verify or several, our anytime, anywhere Quick Lookups tool quickly retrieves current Canadian address data.

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Plans start as low as $289 per month
    • Append, standardize and fix incorrect addresses, typos and missing postal codes to Canadian mailing standards and guidelines
    • Database coverage for over 15.7 million addresses in all 10 provinces and 3 territories updated monthly
    • Provides mail station and delivery installation data
    • City name standardization supports legacy city names
    • Output casing options to meet Canada Post standards
    • Address Error Correction identification
    • Response language options including English and French with auto language detection
    • Delivery Mode designation including Rural Route, General Delivery and PO Box
    • Response time as fast as 90 milliseconds
    • Real-time API or batch service available
    • Supports REST, SOAP, GET and POST requests over HTTP/S outputting in XML or JSON formats
  • DOTS Address Validation - Canada 2 is a real-time Canadian address verification API that ensures that your letters, direct mailers, and packages arrive promptly. In addition to improving postal delivery speed and accuracy to your customers, the address validation for Canada API complies with Canada's mailing regulations.

    Once implemented, the Canadian address validation tool corrects and appends street addresses to ensure compliance and deliverability. For example, if you have a partial or incorrect address, the Canada address verification API can detect, verify, and correct the address in real time by comparing the partial or incorrect address with Service Objects' massive, frequently updated database containing over 14 million Canadian addresses. In addition to correcting partial and incorrect addresses, address verification for Canada also standardizes addresses as well as translates French and English to Canadian standards. As a result, Canadian address validation reduces the costs associated with lost, undeliverable, and returned mail. Now this service also includes full French or English address outputs in the language you select.

    Address validation for Canada does more than reduce mailing costs; it also improves delivery times. By eliminating the lengthy returned mail cycle, Canada address validation ensures that you have the correct address the first time. Not only will your contacts receive their letters and packages promptly as expected, you'll also spend less time tracking down lost orders or fielding customer service calls.

    Canada address verification takes human error out of the equation as well. For example, if a customer or shipping clerk accidentally transposes street address numbers or names, the Canada address verification API instantly catches the mistake and corrects it. Without such a tool, that error could take weeks, months, or even years to correct. With Canada address validation, returned mail no longer stacks up, waiting to be manually corrected in your systems.

    Canadian address validation also reduces sales and marketing costs by optimizing direct mail campaigns for improved delivery. With address verification for Canada service, you can ensure that your mailers are properly addressed and in compliance with postal regulations, allowing you to take advantage of presort mail rates.

    Canada address validation software is only as good as its underlying data set, which is why Service Objects maintains a huge, up-to-date database. This database provides coverage for more than 14 million Canadian addresses in 13 provinces and territories. It is updated monthly, ensuring that any change of addresses or street/city names are reflected in your list. In fact, our Canada address validation service supports legacy city names. DOTS Canada Address Verification 2 by Service Objects can also tell you whether an address is a general delivery, rural route, or PO Box address. All of this verification, parsing, and correcting of addresses takes place in the blink of an eye with response times as fast as .15 seconds.

    In addition to improved marketing and mailing efficiencies and cost reductions, Canada address verification is easy to implement and use. If you collect leads online, for example, the information can be validated and corrected instantly -- long before your sales and marketing team attempts to follow up. Real-time integration, quick lookups, automated batch processing, and do-it-yourself Canada address validation are all available options once you've signed up with Service Objects.

    Canada address validation helps your company to mail with confidence, improve delivery speed, reduce costs, improve customer service, optimize direct marketing campaigns, and ensure the integrity of your mailing lists. ... Read Less

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