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DOTS Address Validation - US 3

The leading real-time Address Validation service with response times as fast as 150 milliseconds, near-perfect match accuracy, and updates mirroring the USPS. Enabling businesses to instantly verify, correct, and append address information to contact data records.

Our USPS CASS Certified™ address validation service improves internal mail processes and delivery rates by standardizing contact records against USPS data and flagging for vacancy, addresses returning mail, and general delivery addresses. Our industry-leading GetBestMatches operation, now combines Delivery Point Validation (DPV), SuiteLink and Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) into one robust API call to our USPS CASS Certified™ database engine.



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Four ways to use our services

Integrate our easy-to-program address verification API directly into your systems for real-time address validation, cleansing, appending and fraud protection.


When you have a short list that needs USPS® address verification, it's time for DataTumbler, our PC-based data cleansing application.


Implementing an automated FTP batch for address validation is the perfect way to verify location data from one of your systems on a scheduled time of day or month.


Our Quick Lookups are the fastest way to run a USPS® address check! Our access-from-anywhere address validation service is handy for quick street address lookups.

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    • Proprietary database of over 165 million unique addresses
    • CASS™-certified software standardizes, and validates addresses, correcting typos and missing postal information including bad street names, cities, states, and ZIP codes
    • Regularly updated database of USPS® street addresses
    • DPV data returned for all supported operations
    • SuiteLink (SLK) data appends secondary suite information to business addresses
    • Appends ZIP+4 codes
    • Supports REST, SOAP, GET and POST requests over HTTP/S outputting in XML or JSON formats
    • Delivery Point Validation (DPV) verifies that the address is deliverable, and flags for vacancies and addresses that are returning mail
    • Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) identifies addresses as residence or business
    • Appends addresses with carrier route and barcode digits for easy sorting and delivery
    • Updated monthly
    • Response time as fast as 150 milliseconds
    • Real-time API or Batch service available
  • DOTS Address Validation - US 3 helps companies improve the efficiency of their mailings as well as improve customer satisfaction. This address validation tool runs in real time, allowing for instant verification at the point of entry into your system. The address verification API also corrects and appends address information. For example, if a customer accidentally transposes the numbers in the street address, the USPS® address check tool will recognize the address mismatch. Comparing the contact data with an extensive series of databases, our USPS® address verification service can quickly find the correct address for that contact and correct the entry. As a result, the USPS® address verification API allows you to reduce costs associated with lost, undeliverable, and returned mail.

    The address verification web service also standardizes addresses based on USPS® standards, allowing for improved deliveries -- and potentially lower bulk mailing rates. DOTS address validation API can also flag residential addresses to calculate additional shipping charges and identify areas with general delivery services.

    At the same time, this address verification service ensures that customers receive their orders, correspondence, and special offers quickly without unnecessary delays. Companies use DOTS Address Validation to ensure that their marketing materials, sensitive correspondence, packages, and other mailings are promptly delivered with minimal delays due to incorrect or invalid addresses.

    As a real-time address validation service, this USPS® address check tool allows for instant address verification at the point of entry. In addition, you can run address verification on demand to ensure that your mailing list is as accurate as possible despite changes of address.

    DOTS USPS® address verification service quickly pays for itself by ensuring the deliverability of your entire mailing list. Each undeliverable mailer or package represents lost money and a missed opportunity. In addition, if a customer is anxiously awaiting a package that never arrives, trust can quickly erode. These problems can be avoided with our USPS® address validation API or by running an on-demand USPS® address check prior to mailing.

    With access to real-time address validation web services and a regularly updated database of USPS® street addresses, you can ensure that mail arrives the first time. ... Read Less

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