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Maintain up-to-date addresses using our change-of-address API Meets NCOALink requirements for mailing discounts
Improve mailing address deliverability by up to 400%

DOTS NCOA Live is a national change-of-address, real-time API, that works directly with the United States Postal Service’s NCOALink service to ensure your addresses are kept up-to-date, cleansed and standardized. NCOA Live validates and corrects both residential and business addresses using USPS CASS-certified address correction services before matching the addresses and names against the NCOALink database of over 40 million annual moves.

For larger volume requests, NCOA Live’s real-time, RESTful API supports up to 500 records in a single request and multiple requests running in parallel. Our application engineers are available for a complimentary consultation and can provide sample code to help set up this approach.

In addition to maintaining accurate mailing addresses, the use of NCOALink meets the requirements of the USPS Move-Update, helping qualify your mailings for Standard and First-Class Mail discounts.

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How NCOA Live Works

We have provided an example of recent address change below and the change of address response on the right.

Mike Wilson
2118 Rebild Dr

Real-Time API Responses

See below for the full response from our NCOA Live service.

Service Response CORRECTED       APPENDED
Address2118 REBILD DR
USPS FootnotesAABB
NCOA Match
Address330 SYCAMORE DR
Barcode Digits934276811306
Carrier RouteR001
Extended NCOA Return CodeTYP=I MED=201709 AGE=10 NAM=MIKE WILSON
NCOA Return CodeA
NCOA Return Code DescCOA Match Found
Raw Input Address
Name InMike Wilson
Address2118 Rebild Dr

For Developers

Our services are built API-first with a focus on data quality and ease of integration.
We support REST, SOAP, GET and POST requests over HTTP/S outputting in XML and JSON formats.

Our API web services are compatible with all major programming languages and we have over 200 pieces of sample code (both snippets and full solutions) available to help with your integration.

Programming languages - Php, Java, C#, .net, ASP, Ruby on Rails, Python, Cold Fusion, Apex

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Features and Benefits

Customer Support
Uptime Guarantee
Support Engineers
  • Validate and update addresses using 18 month NCOALink data set
  • Use CASS-Certified engine to validate, standardize and append addresses before checking for address change for greater accuracy
  • Returns a flag when there is a Change of Address (COA) match
  • Generates reports based on specific Job Numbers for easy tracking
  • Coverage for U.S. consumers and businesses
  • Supports real-time transactions through submission of single or multiple records in one request
  • Uses Job Numbers to track jobs from multiple departments or organizations simultaneously
  • Qualified ‘Move Update’ Method for Postal Discounts
  • Reduce environmental and financial costs associated with undeliverable mail
  • Increase marketing ROI with improved deliverability
  • Improve accounting efficiency by maintaining accurate billing records
  • Provides detailed NCOA codes and descriptions, including information about address deliverability
  • Response time as fast as 0.05 seconds
  • USPS requires a minimum of 100 lookups
  • Updated weekly
  • Real-time API

Additional Resources

Getting Started Video    |     Datasheet    |     Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF)
NOTE: USPS requires a completed PAF with ZIP+4 and NAICS.

Four Ways to Use NCOA Live

Real-Time API
Cloud Connectors
Connects with major marketing, sales and ecommerce platforms
List Processing
Securely upload lists
for processing
Quick Lookups
Great for spot-checking
or small batches

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