Reliable, Block-Level Neighborhood Demographics Data

DOTS Demographics Plus

DOTS Demographics PlusSM by Service Objects is a real-time web service API that provides precise demographic data about a targeted area down to the block level.

Service Objects proprietary algorithms append and enhance data received from the US Census Bureau with USPS® data to provide the most accurate location-specific demographics information in the industry. DOTS Demographics Plus covers information on more than 8 million census blocks including 90% of the US Companies can easily determine the ethnic or socio-economic makeup of current or potential customer areas for more informed business decisions. Information provided at the macro level supplies a comprehensive overview of an area while small segment data allows businesses to drill down on specific neighborhoods.



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    • Appends address information with over 60 variables of demographic information (including income, population, weather, employment, crime, household size and education)
    • Additional data points unique to this service include average age, income, race and ethnic distribution of specific neighborhoods
    • Demographic data for over 8 million census blocks in the U.S.
    • Identifies Urban, Suburban and Rural areas
    • Real-time API available
    • Detailed resolution & typical segment includes about 50 individuals
    • Cascading logic identifies best match data at the block, block-group, ZIP, or city-level resolutions
    • Appends user-input address with the most accurate, timely and location-specific demographic data available
    • Response time as fast as 700 milliseconds
    • Updated monthly
  • DOTS Demographics Plus provides demographics by address, allowing you to better understand customers and prospects based on where they live. This demographic API provides you with block level demographics which provides insights at the neighborhood level. Why look at demographics by address? Doing so can help you determine the buying characteristics of your best customers and leads as well as target your marketing efforts to increase sales. You can also use block level demographics to identify which neighborhoods have the most potential customers. Demographics by address can be used to determine the best location for a new store or provide you with marketplace insights and opportunities.