Identify Bogus Name Data Before it Becomes a Problem

DOTS Name Validation 2

Identify vulgar, celebrity, dictionary-derived words and more. Validate against millions of known worldwide names. Parse complex names into critical parts.

First impressions are important; get your customer’s name right. This web service parses names into individual data fields, fixes the order of names, and returns the gender associated with the first name. Extensive tests are performed against Service Objects proprietary database of millions of national and international names for highly accurate results. Possible fraudulent names are flagged and an overall score is returned so that companies can review the integrity of the data before it is entered into their systems.



Sample Request URL

JSON OUTPUT James Cantwell II/[YourKey]?format=json
Four ways to use our services

Integrate any of our easy-to-program contact verification APIs directly into your systems for real-time cleansing, appending and fraud protection.


When you have a quick list that needs to be verified and cleansed, it's time for DataTumbler, our PC-based data cleansing application.


Implementing an automated FTP batch for your data quality needs is the perfect way to cleanse data from one of your systems on a scheduled time of day or month.


Our Quick Lookups are the perfect way to get the job done fast! Access-from-anywhere data validation tools will come in handy for quick contact lookups.

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    • Validates and parses names in real-time
    • Database contains more than 1.4 million first names and 2.75 million last names
    • Provides first and last name origin
    • Business name detection can classify an input name as either a person, business or unknown. The name classification feature allows for filtering lists that may have a combination of personal and business names
    • Similar name matching to identify potential duplicates on first and last name
    • Identifies possible nicknames and related names
    • Detects garbage name inputs
    • Detects dictionary words and phrases such as ‘White House’
    • Supports REST, SOAP, GET and POST requests over HTTP/S outputting in XML or JSON formats
    • Parses compound names such as "Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Susan Wilson II
    • Identifies bogus and celebrity names such as ‘I.P. Freely’ or ‘Homer Simpson’
    • Flags vulgar words
    • Provides certainty score for every result
    • Response time as fast as 150 milliseconds
    • Real-time API or batch service available
  • Our contact verification API is a real-time name validation tool that parses contact information entered into a field, splits a full name into its parts (i.e., suffix, first name, middle initial, and last name), and determines if the name is valid or bogus. For example, with name verification, you can instantly weed out legitimate contacts from bogus ones such as 'I.P. Freely', 'asdfg', and 'Homer Simpson'. This name verification tool compares entries to a massive database containing millions of individual and actual name pairs. Name verification is commonly used to identify fraudulent names at the point-of-entry and to customize sales and marketing campaigns with personal salutations. Organizations also use name verification to determine gender and reduce waste associated with bogus names. Make sure that your contact records contain correct names by using DOTS Name Validation 2 to verify accuracy.

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