Append Exact Sales & Use Tax Rates By Location in Real-Time

DOTS FastTax

A real-time sales tax API that provides accurate tax data for US and Canadian addresses.

This sales tax service provides multiple ways to determine accurate sales and use tax rates by location including street address, postal code, city/state, or city/county/state. Where an address is provided, DOTS Fast Tax includes our DOTS Address Validation service to establish address correctness and ZIP+4, which allows us to deliver the most accurate sales tax results.



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Four ways to use our services

Integrate our easy-to-program sales tax API directly into your systems for real-time sales tax calculation based on accurate location data.


When you have a quick list that needs sales tax calculation, it's time for DataTumbler, our PC-based data quality application.


Implementing an automated FTP batch for sales tax calculation is the perfect way to verify sales tax data from one of your systems on a scheduled time of day.


Our Quick Lookups are the perfect way to perform an accurate sales tax calculation fast! Access-from-anywhere sales tax calculator software allow for quick calculations.

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Plans start as low as $289 per month
    • Identifies correct tax rates by street address, postal code, city/state, or city/county/state
    • Address validation determines the most accurate sales or use tax rate
    • Coverage for both the US and Canada
    • Response time as fast as 200 milliseconds
    • Handles many different input combinations
    • Street and address-level tax information provides the highest level of accuracy possible
    • Flags provided for identifying tax rate components (state, county, city and district) and a combined rate value
    • Real-time API or batch services available
    • Data updated monthly
  • With a myriad of local, state, and provincial sales and use tax jurisdiction, applying the correct tax rates is challenging for businesses of all sizes. For companies that do business across the US and Canada, sales tax software is an absolute must due to the sheer volume of tax jurisdictions involved. Even small businesses can benefit from a sales tax API as local sales tax rates can fluctuate from one city to the next -- and even within a given city if special districts have been created.

    DOTS FastTax is a sales tax API that instantly verifies addresses and pinpoints the correct taxability and jurisdiction assignment. DOTS FastTax sales tax software first validates the address entered, making sure that the address itself is correct and accurate. Typos, syntax errors, and other fixable mistakes are immediately corrected. Thus, with a correct address, the sales tax API can then retrieve the correct sales and use tax information.

    By using the sales tax API, you can instantly take an address and determine the correct city, city district, county, and state along with all corresponding city, city district, county, and state tax rates that apply. The sales tax API also calculates the total tax rate for an address and identifies tax exemptions such as freight, labor, and services, if any.

    Sales tax software takes the guesswork out of sales tax calculation. Instead of relying on wall charts, cheat sheets, or your employees' best guesses, use our sales tax API to validate the address and retrieve the most accurate sales and use tax information based on the customer's true address.

    In addition to ensuring that the correct sales and use tax rate is applied at the time of the transaction, this sales tax API minimizes audit risks. Use our sales tax software to ensure tax compliance and accuracy.

    Our sales tax software provides sales and use tax verification for US and Canadian addresses. As a sales tax web service, our API eliminates hardware costs and software maintenance hassles. DOTS FastTax can be seamlessly and easily integrated with existing accounting systems and eCommerce websites. It is easy to set up and even easier to use. ... Read Less

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