Instant Reverse Phone Lookup with Contact Append and Phone Verification

DOTS GeoPhone

Real-time telephone verification with Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) and primary contact append on landline, VOIP and toll-free US and Canadian phone numbers.

Companies can identify the contact or business name and address associated with a given telephone number. Additional information returned includes provider name, line type and geographic data that allows businesses greater insight into existing customers.

For mobile customers, DOTS Geophone Plus also includes wireless and number portability information.



Sample Request URL

XML output using query string parameters:[YourKey]
Four Ways to Use Your Subscription

Integrate any of our easy-to-program contact verification APIs directly into your systems for real-time cleansing, appending and fraud protection.


When you have a quick list that needs to be verified and cleansed, it's time for DataTumbler, our PC-based data cleansing application.


Implementing an automated FTP batch for your data quality needs is the perfect way to cleanse data from one of your systems on a scheduled time of day or month.


Our Quick Lookups are the perfect way to get the job done fast! Access-from-anywhere data validation tools will come in handy for quick contact lookups.

  • GeoPhone Features
    • Local Exchange Carrier and Contact lookup on US and Canada Phone Numbers
    • Append residential and business contact information daily from over 4,000 telecom carriers
    • Match rate accuracy of 99.75% for listed telephone numbers
    • Reverse lookup of landline, VolP and toll-free numbers for residential, business and government listings
    • Identify landline, wireless and VOIP phone numbers
    • Returns phone type (residence or business)
    • Daily updates to primary contact information
    • Database includes over 230 million residential listings and 30 million business numbers
    • Verifies contact or business name and address associated with the telephone number
    • Returns phone provider information (including carrier, city, state, latitude and longitude)
    • Response time as fast as 400 milliseconds
    • Real-time API or batch service available.
  • Benefits of Reverse Phone Lookup

    DOTS Geophone is a reverse phone lookup tool that makes it easy to extract a customer's address based only on the customer's phone number. Adding reverse phone number lookup to your toolbox ensures that all customer contact information is accurate, genuine, complete, and up-to-date. Our reverse phone lookup API appends customer contact information to existing phone records and provides deeper insights into each record (such as if a phone number is business or residential). Use reverse phone lookup to optimize marketing efforts and enhance customer service with the most current contact information available. Why settle for just a name and phone number when you can easily get each customer's entire address?