Instant Telephone Verification and Contact Append Through Reverse Phone Lookup

DOTS GeoPhone Plus 2

Provides real-time telephone verification with Carrier and Contact appending on Landline, Wireless and VOIP numbers including Local Number Portability (LNP) tracking.

Over 400 million US and Canadian records, including 170 million wireless numbers, make this the most accurate, up-to-date telephone number validation service available. The reverse phone lookup API provides geocoded carrier and contact information, phone type, SIC business categorization on business numbers, SMS/MMS address information for wireless numbers and Local Number Portability tracking for carrier and line type identification on ported numbers. The reverse phone lookup also identifies portable VOIP and prepay phone numbers for fraud prevention practices.



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Four ways to use our services

Integrate our easy-to-program reverse phone lookup API directly into your systems for real-time telephone verification, cleansing, and appending.


When you have a quick telephone list that needs to be looked up and verified, it's time for DataTumbler, our PC-based data cleansing application.


Implementing an automated FTP batch for phone validation is the perfect way to lookup telephone data from one of your systems on a scheduled time of day or month.


Quick Lookups are the perfect choice for fast telephone number verification! Access-from-anywhere telephone validation tools allow for quick reverse phone lookups.

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Plans start as low as $289 per month
    • Phone carrier lookup including ported phone numbers
    • SMS / MMS address append on Wireless numbers
    • Mailable address notification when available
    • Reverse-lookup of wireless, landline, VoIP and toll-free telephone numbers for residential, business, and government telephone listings
    • Database includes over 400 million individual telephone records, with 170 million wireless numbers
    • Appends rooftop latitude and longitude information at address-level
    • Accesses Local Number Portability (LNP) data and returns date of porting
    • Quality score returned with every transaction
    • 8 digit SIC code and description provided for finer detail into business classification
    • Data is compiled from over 4,000 US, Canadian, and Puerto Rican telephone carriers
    • Utilizes cascading logic to resolve caller identification data
    • Validates residential contact or business name and associated address for wireless numbers and landlines
    • Returns phone number provider information (including carrier, city, state, latitude and longitude)
    • Identifies phone type (business or residential)
    • Determines line type (landline, wireless or VoIP)
    • Response time approximately 700 milliseconds
  • DOTS GeoPhone Plus 2 is a phone number verification service that does more than validate the 10 digits of a phone number - our phone validation software provides the contact or business name and address associated with that phone number, provides telecom carrier information, phone type and line type. It also includes new telephone verification features such as: date ported, utilization of Caller ID information, SIC codes and descriptions, and date first seen.

    This reverse phone lookup software is easy to implement and use, and it delivers several important benefits.

    For example, the API:
    • Enhances customer records with valid wireless phone numbers
    • Verifies accuracy of phone number in coordination with other data points
    • Connects alternative phone numbers with existing contact records

    Why use a phone validation API? By using our reverse phone lookup software, you can require less information from your contacts at the point of contact. For example, busy business executives may hesitate to download a white paper or fill out a survey if you require them to provide too much information. With reverse phone number lookup, you can instantly and accurately fill in the blanks based on the contact's phone number.

    Since the reverse phone lookup API returns additional information such as SIC code and date ported, you can also glean some useful insights about the contact. For example, is the caller calling from a residence or a business? How long has the phone number been assigned to that caller? You could also use the address information provided to plot the caller's address on a map or look at satellite images of the property via Google Earth or a similar resource.

    Our Geophone Plus service also can correct and append phone numbers, helping to ensure that your marketing list is as accurate as possible. For example, if a contact transposes numbers within the phone number, the phone validation API can detect and correct the error by comparing the data to our extensive database of contact records. You can also run phone validation software on demand to ensure that your contact list contains the most current phone numbers -- as well as alternate phone numbers -- for your contacts. ... Read Less

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