Hitting the Data Trifecta
Three Key Elements of Data Quality Excellence

Whitepaper Summary:
Collecting visitor and customer data through a variety of forms on your website allows you to quickly grow your contact list. When contact information comes in, your company is provided many new opportunities to grow your business. However, receiving high quality data isn't necessarily a given. After all, some visitors will enter bogus phone numbers in an attempt to limit telemarketing calls; others may think they're being funny by entering fake names such as Donald Duck or Homer Simpson; others might accidentally misspell a street name. Even autocorrect may change a legitimate entry, and some visitors may intentionally enter a bad address in an attempt to commit fraud.

These are but a few of the many possible issues that could adversely affect data quality. The same is true of other means of gathering data including contest entry forms, phone surveys, and point of sale interactions. No matter how contact data is generated and entered, some data will be inaccurate, incomplete, or fraudulent.


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