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Mailing Without CASS Certification

Imagine sending a letter to a loved one, but forgetting to put postage on it. The letter never arrives, and is returned for lack of postage. Recognizing your mistake, you place a stamp on it and try again. However, what if you made a mistake when addressing the letter? Maybe you wrote “Mane Street” instead of “Main Street” or transposed the street address numbers. Mistakes like this happen all the time, and the United States Postal Service (USPS) won’t necessarily figure out your error.

Now what happens if you’re in charge of a large business mailing list containing thousands of addresses. Not only are data errors common, but approximately 17% of your customers, subscribers, and leads will have changed addresses in any given year. Your undeliverable mail will be thrown out or returned. Either way, inaccurate mailing addresses will cost you.

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