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Standardize Data for Compliance

Non-compliance can significantly damage your business

Depending on your industry, maintaining and utilizing a large contact database requires compliance with various regulations covering everything from who your business calls, to how you should address your mail, to whether or not you should collect sales tax. The penalties for non-compliance can serve as a powerful motivator.

Compliance issues are one area where an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, with the use of real-time tools to validate your contacts and procedures. To prove compliance or to disprove the lack of compliance, massive amounts of data may need to be processed. When compliance questions come up or audits happen, be sure your organization is prepared.

How Service Objects Can Help

Service Objects offers a number of services that help ensure compliance with mailing standards, sales tax regulations and outbound calling standards. Our services can be accessed through our real-time APIs, cloud-connectors or using our batch process.

DOTS Address Validation – US ensures compliance with addressing standards by validating, correcting and appending addresses using a real-time USPS CASS Certified™ address validation process, matching contact records against USPS data and flagging for vacancy, addresses returning mail, and general delivery addresses.

For Canadian addresses, DOTS Address Validation – Canada performs similar functions for all 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada, for addresses in English or French, using Canada Post databases.

For full location information, DOTS Address Geocode for the US and Canada provides exact latitude and longitude information for a specified address.

For sales tax compliance, DOTS FastTax provides accurate tax data for US and Canadian addresses, determining sales and use tax rates by location including street address, postal code, city/state, or city/county/state, as well as providing address validation where appropriate.

To help prevent illegal automated calls to cellular phone numbers, DOTS Phone Exchange provides real-time phone number validation including phone exchange identification, line type and ported history information phone numbers in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, together with advanced carrier and location information associated with that carrier exchange.