The Most Accurate Data to Maximize Your Connect America Reimbursement

Maximize your funds

Maximize your funds from the FCC’s Alternate Connect America Model (A-CAM) with the most precise geolocation data available.

What is A-CAM? A-CAM is the FCC’s Alternative Connect America Cost Model, which is part of the broader Connect America Fund program, and provides funding over the next ten years to support the expansion of rural broadband across the United States. According to the FCC, A-CAM funding will support bringing broadband to over 631,000 locations in 43 states.

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What is the Connect America Fund?

The federal universal service high-cost program, also known as the Connect America Fund, is designed to ensure that consumers in rural, insular, and high-cost areas have access to modern communications networks capable of providing voice and broadband service, both fixed and mobile, at rates that are reasonably comparable to those in urban areas. The program fulfills this universal service goal by allowing eligible carriers who serve these areas to recover some of their costs from the federal Universal Service Fund.

Carriers participating in Connect America Fund programs must file deployment data with USAC’s HUBB (High Cost Universal Broadband) portal. These filings will detail where carriers are building out mass-market, high-speed internet service by precise location. This information includes latitude and longitude coordinates for every location where service is/will be made available. For A-CAM recipients, the filing deadline is March 1st, 2018.

Are you an eligible carrier and looking to increase the number of locations that you can receive funding for?

Service Objects’ Geolocation services can help:

Discover 20-50% more eligible locations

Recent clients have added between 20-50% more eligible locations to their submission, adding an addition $4M - $11M in available funding.

1/10th the Cost

There is no need to hire expensive engineering firms and land surveryors to identify eligible locations. Our geolocation tools do this at a fraction of the cost and time.

Get funding for multiple units at a single location

Are you missing out on multiple unit locations, where funding is available for each unit? Send us your list and let us tell you.

Service Objects provides HUBB-compliant geolocation data, guaranteed to be accepted by the FCC


"In our efforts to help expand broadband coverage for rural locations, Great Plains Communications contacted Service Objects to help maximize our coverage according to the FCC's Alternate Connect America Model (A-CAM). We were using engineering firms to gather data on hard to find rural locations, but they were costly - as much as $15-$18 per location - and many of the results were inaccurate.

Service Objects worked with us to obtain the most precise results at a fraction of the cost we were paying the engineering firms. Their commitment to ensuring the accuracy of the location data they provided really showed, and they won the hearts of everybody at Great Plains. We are paying significantly less per address, and they helped us find 20% more locations than we thought were possible without driving our coverage areas.

Service Objects' is the only company we have found that has a financially backed guarantee to ensure the data we submit is HUBB compliant. None of the other engineering firms we engaged came close to providing the high level of service, cost-efficiency and data accuracy that we received.

To sum it up, the simplicity and cost effectiveness of Service Objects' A-CAM solution is incredible - they beat our expectations in every way."

Rick Fitchhorn
CAD Manager
Great Plains Communications

Why Service Objects?

  • The only solution to combine address, phone, map and geospatial data
  • Data provided in exact accordance with requirements established by the HUBB
  • Utilizes the latest geocoded location data and exclusive data sources
  • Determines unit count within a specific location
  • More accurate and complete than ‘drive-around’ geocoding, customer lists, and purchased mailing lists
  • Maximize A-CAM reimbursement by unearthing 20-50% more eligible locations
  • Pay less than 1/10th of other methods of gathering geolocation data
  • Deal with a single data intelligence provider to locate eligible locations
  • Easily complete A-CAM specific requirements and meet FCC’s filing deadline
  • Only pay for data that is HUBB-compliant and accepted by the FCC
Unmatched Industry Expertise
  • The most accurate data available
  • 2.8+ billion contact records processed
  • 16+ years of experience
  • 2,400+ customers predominately in financial services, retail and telecommunications
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • 90% of our business is from repeat customers who look to us as experts
  • Thought leaders in modern big data validation and address geocoding

A-CAM Offer Map

This map identifies the areas that have been determined to be eligible for support for broadband and voice service from the FCC’s final Alternative-Connect America Cost Model (A-CAM version 2.3). A-CAM calculates costs per location in all rate-of-return carrier census blocks for the entire country. Specifically, the map identifies areas determined by the adopted cost model as eligible for support and which are served by a class of smaller carriers called rate-of-return carriers.

Areas on the map fall into one of four categories:


These areas are eligible for CAF-ACAM support.


These are ineligible areas within those rate-of-return study areas that are otherwise eligible for support. Such areas are ineligible under the decisions adopted by the Commission because either the average cost for the census block is below the funding benchmark, the carrier already serves the area with 10/1 Mbps or better broadband service utilizing FTTP or cable technology, or the area is served by an unsubsidized competitor with voice and qualifying broadband service.


These areas are served by rate-of-return carriers that are ineligible for CAF-ACAM support under the decisions adopted by the Commission.


Empty areas with no color are either located in areas served by another class of incumbent carriers, called price cap carriers, which are not eligible for this offer of CAF-ACAM support, and/or are reported as uninhabited.

Carriers accepting support will be required to offer broadband service to a specific number of locations in eligible census blocks across their entire service area in the state.

(Map and details courtesy of Federal Communications Commission -

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