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Gain Insight on Customers and Prospects

Know Your Customers

Your customer database contains more than just contact information on your customers and prospects: it serves as the key to a gold mine of associated data that can help you do effective targeted marketing. With the right real-time tools, you can append and enrich this contact information with data that helps you qualify them as leads from a demographic perspective.

If your organization is not uncovering these hidden insights on your contacts, you are throwing away potential sales opportunities.

How Service Objects Can Help

Service Objects offers a number of services that help enhance your insight about customers and prospects, through automated tools that enrich and append information associated with data from your contact database. Our services can be accessed through our real-time APIs, cloud-connectors or using our batch process.

To help you understand where your customers are coming from, DOTS Address Geocode for the US and Canada provides exact latitude and longitude information for specified addresses, allowing you to geo-target your marketing efforts with accurate location information.

You can better identify, understand and market to target areas using DOTS Demographics, a real-time service that uses data from the US Census Bureau and other sources to provide ZIP code level information such as population, income, education level and more. Our DOTS Demographics Plus service expands this capability to provide block-level demographic, ethnic and socio-economic data, using more than 8 million census blocks that cover over 90% of the United States.

For phone contact information, DOTS GeoPhone Plus enhances your data with latitude-longitude information on carrier and contact, mailable address notification when available, and SMS/MMS addresses for wireless numbers. And for contact data that is missing phone information, DOTS Phone Append adds phone numbers from a proprietary database of over 800 million consumer, business and government phone number listings, resulting in industry leading match rates up to 75%.

Finally, for enhancing data from your email contact list, DOTS Email Insight provides in-depth demographic information including data such as location, age, gender, income, education, address type, homeowner status and home market value.