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Know your customers.

Your customer database contains more than just contact information on your customers and prospects: it serves as the key to a gold mine of associated data that can help you do effective targeted marketing. With the right real-time tools, you can append and enrich this contact information with data that helps you qualify them as leads from a demographic perspective. If your organization is not uncovering these hidden insights on your contacts, you are throwing away potential sales opportunities.

Service Objects can help!

Service Objects offers a number of services that help enhance your insight about customers and prospects, through automated tools that enrich and append information associated with data from your contact database.

Check out our products below that can help you make better decisions about the customers your business serves:

DOTS Address Geocode

Gain a deeper understanding of where your customers are coming from. DOTS Address Geocode for the US and Canada provides exact latitude and longitude information for specified addresses, allowing you to make smarter decisions based on where your customers are located, plan sales routes and logistics, and accurately assign county, block and tract codes to addresses.


DOTS GeoPhone Plus

Verify accuracy of phone numbers and enhance customer records. DOTS GeoPhone Plus provides the contact or business name and address associated with a phone number, provides telecom carrier information, phone type and line type. It also includes new telephone verification features such as: date ported, utilization of Caller ID information, SIC codes and descriptions, and date first seen.


DOTS Address Insight

This real-time API provides address standardization, address geocoding, and regional demographics, all with a single call. Address Insight – US accesses proprietary databases to validate addresses, geocode locations to return lat-long coordinates and appends demographic information to create a comprehensive customer profile based on their location. This service is ideal for businesses looking to comply with various government regulations.


DOTS Address Validation

Instantly verify, correct, and append address information to your contact records. DOTS Address Validation is USPS CASS Certified® and standardizes contact records against USPS data and flags for vacancy, addresses returning mail, and general delivery addresses. Our global service verifies and corrects international mailing addresses to the unique requirements of each country’s postal address formats and cultural idiosyncrasies.


DOTS Phone Append

Append missing phone numbers using name and address to your contact records, providing a more complete picture of your customers and prospects. DOTS Phone Append adds phone numbers from a proprietary database of over 800 million consumer, business and government phone number listings, resulting in industry leading match rates up to 75%.


Some of the world's biggest brands rely on Service Objects

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