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Eliminate Fraud

Stop Fraud Before It Starts

Orders and registrations from fraudulent sources can cost you financial, merchandise and time losses. Service Objects can help you weed out fraud before it strikes your business.

More than 18% of online registrations will be incomplete or fraudulent, potentially causing massive losses in inventory, resources and money. This includes intentional fraud ranging from fake delivery addresses to credit cards, as well as inaccurate data. According to a 2016 survey by Lexis Nexis, on average, US merchants reported an 8% increase over 2015 in the cost per dollar of fraud losses, from $2.23 to $2.40. This means that for every dollar of losses, merchants are losing $2.40 based on chargebacks, fees and merchandise replacement.

How Service Objects Can Help

Service Objects can help you significantly reduce fraudulent transactions by using Address Validation, BIN validation, Reverse Phone Lookup, Email validation and IP validation. Our real-time solutions allow your organization to either validate specific areas that are prone to abuse in your operations, or get an aggregate overall order quality score so you can quickly weed out bad orders. Our services can be accessed through our real-time APIs, cloud-connectors or using our batch process.

Our flagship contact validation capabilities help you fight some of the most common sources of fraud. DOTS Address Validation matches contact records against USPS data, flagging for vacancy, addresses returning mail, and general delivery addresses. DOTS Email Validation determines email address authenticity, accuracy, and deliverability, providing an accept-or-reject quality score. You can also proactively verify phone numbers using DOTS Telephone Verification, which requires customers to validate phone numbers using a confirmation code.

For marketing leads, DOTS Lead Validation produces a validation score of 1-100, based on cross-validating five critical lead quality components: name, street address, phone number, email address and IP address.

To help fight credit card fraud, our DOTS Bank Identifications Number (BIN) Validation service can identify if a card is gift, prepaid, credit, charge or debit, using an international database of over 150,000 BINs covering over 95% of major US credit cards.

You can also verify if a customer’s computer or device location differs from their physical address, particularly for international locations, using DOTS IP Address Validation, a real-time service that validates the location of IP addresses from anywhere in the world.

You can also bundle our most popular fraud prevention features using DOTS Order Validation, which performs multi-function verifications including address validation, BIN validation, reverse phone lookup, email validation, and IP validation to return a 0-100 quality score on the overall validity and authenticity of the customer.