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Lead Accuracy Drives Marketing Success

Identify Bad Leads at the Point of Entry

Marketing automation platforms are only as good as the leads they contain. Whether intentional or through natural erosion, 25% of your marketing contacts contain critical errors. This makes it vital that your leads are validated and corrected at the point of capture and their accuracy maintained on a regular basis.

Keeping your lead data complete and up-to-date is the first step to maximizing the value of your marketing automation platform. Having a qualitative understanding of the value of your leads is crucial to making informed business decisions and is a key driver in achieving marketing and sales success.

Quality Scoring Based on Key Contact Points

Our Lead Validation services use your lead’s name, address, phone, email and IP to derive over 130 data points and cross-validates them to provide a fuller picture of your prospect. The result is a comprehensive and actionable Lead Quality Score from 0 to 100, that enables your business to create data-driven business logic. This logic can support a number of practices, including:

  • Identify strong opportunities and accelerate them through your sales funnel
  • Segment and build custom nurture programs
  • Create enhanced targeting and personalization
  • Prevent bad data from entering your platform at point of capture
  • Detect potential fraud at the point of entry

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Keeping it Simple

Service Objects’ lead validation APIs can be easily integrated into your marketing automation platform, ensuring up-to-date contact record accuracy.

Lead Validation
US and Canada

Real-time API cross-validates, corrects and scores over 130 key data points to ensure accurate leads for US and Canada and provides actionable quality and certainty scores.

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Lead Validation

Our international Lead Validation service performs multi-point verification and correction of your global leads while assigning an overall quality score.

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