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My Leads Are Incomplete


Did you know that 1 in 4 contact records are bad - costing U.S. businesses $611 billion annually? Whether people intentionally enter bad data to obtain free information, give incorrect addresses, or provide disposable fake email addresses, unverified marketing leads add a substantial cost to your sales efforts. Even the passage of time makes a big difference – after just one year, up to 70% of your marketing contacts will have incorrect information.

Lead validation is an essential tool every marketing organization should have – it quickly and inexpensively makes sure that your leads are real people you want your sales team to pursue, in the right locations, with the right contact information. Incorporating lead validation into your lead scoring system will help you reach a 192% higher qualification rate in no time.

How Service Objects Can Help

Service Objects offers a number of services that help validate, complete and geo-locate your marketing leads, substantially reducing the time and overhead of pursuing inappropriate leads and increasing the percentage of qualified prospects on your list. Our services can be accessed through our real-time APIs, cloud-connectors or using our batch process.

First, DOTS Lead Validation combines contact lead scoring and verification for US and Canada addresses, cross-validating five critical lead quality components: name, street address, phone number, email address and IP address. Its lead scoring capabilities analyze over 130 data points to return a validation score of 1-100, helping you identify quality leads in real time.

To enhance these leads, DOTS Phone Append can add phone numbers to them using a proprietary database with 800 million consumer, business and government phone number listings, resulting in industry leading match rates up to 75%.

For geographically targeted marketing, you can also geo-locate these leads by phone number using DOTS GeoPhone, returning latitude and longitude information on carrier and contact from a database of over 220 million US and Canadian records. For more robust reverse lookup capabilities, DOTS GeoPhone Plus also appends mailable address notification and SMS/MMS addresses where possible, for over 400 million US and Canadian numbers including more than 170 million wireless numbers.

You can also bundle our most popular features using DOTS Lead Enhancement, a real-time contact validation service that combines address, name, email and IP validation with phone append, or use DOTS Lead Enhancement Plus to add contact-level phone data.