My Leads Are Incomplete

25% of Leads are Bad or Incomplete.

Did you know that 1 in 4 contact records are bad or incomplete – costing U.S. businesses $611 billion annually? Whether people intentionally enter bad data, make unintended data entry errors, or system migrations introduce issues, unverified marketing leads add a substantial resource and financial cost to your marketing and sales efforts. Even if your contact records are accurate and correct at the time of capture, according, they age poorly with over 70% becoming inaccurate or obsolete annually.

Almost two-thirds of marketers report that generating traffic and leads is their biggest challenge. This issue is quickly compounded when the word “QUALITY” is added, making lead validation an essential marketing tool. Lead validation quickly and inexpensively ensures that your leads are real people, in the right locations, with correct and reachable contact information, giving your marketing and sales teams the best opportunity to succeed. In addition, validation services can provide insight into the quality of the leads, enabling contact prioritization and expectation setting.

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Service Objects can help!

Service Objects offers a number of services that help validate, complete, and geolocate your marketing leads, while providing an overall quality score, substantially reducing the time and overhead of pursuing poor quality leads and increasing the percentage of qualified prospects on your list.

We are also the only company that offers international lead validation, which allows you to perform multi-point contact validation on your global contact data. Check out the ways we can help you validate your lead data below:

  • DOTS Lead Validation

    Ensure you are working with genuine leads at the point-of-entry. DOTS Lead Validation blends contact scoring and verification into one real-time service that cross-validates five critical lead quality components: name, street address, phone number, email address and IP address.

  • DOTS Phone Append

    Enhance the value of your leads by adding missing phone numbers based on your contact’s name and address. DOTS Phone Append enables companies to append missing consumer and business phone numbers to contact data records. Our service also validates and standardizes submitted street addresses.

  • DOTS GeoPhone Plus

    Quickly identify the contact or business name and address associated with a given telephone number with information from over 4,000 telecom carriers. DOTS GeoPhone Plus also returns the provider name, line type and geographic data that allows businesses greater insight into existing customers.

  • DOTS Lead Enhancement Plus

    Append, verify and correct lead contact information to provide more targeted communications with prospects. DOTS Lead Enhancement Plus allows companies to verify and append contact records with names, USPS-certified addresses, emails and IP addresses. It also includes wireless phone number validation and provides alternative phone numbers.

  • DOTS Email Validation

    Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by only sending to authentic email addresses. DOTS Email Validation performs over 50 email address verification tests and determines authenticity, accuracy, and deliverability. The service also auto-corrects common domain misspellings and syntax errors, and removes extraneous characters.

  • DOTS Name Validation

    First impressions are important; get your customer’s name right. DOTS Name Validation parses names into individual data fields, fixes the order of names, and returns the gender associated with the first name. Possible fraudulent names are flagged and an overall score is returned so that companies can review the integrity of the data before it is entered into their systems.

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