Failover Configuration

For high availability of its web services, Service Objects maintains a failover backup data center that is identical to our primary data center.

The failover data center designed to increase the availability of our web services in the event of a network or routing issue.

Service Objects primary data center hostname is: and our backup data center hostname is

Failover is not automatic therefore:

Integrate a failover configuration into your application. In the unlikely event that the primary data center does not respond in a timely manner.

Do not code your application to a specific IP address. Using our hostnames will provide you with the most amount of uptime.

Alternative Configurations:

You can also abstract the actual hostname into a configuration file, in order to simplify the process of changing hostnames in an emergency. Even in the case where your application handles failover logic properly, an easy-to-change hostname would allow your application to bypass a downed data center completely, and process transactions more quickly.

For most clients, simply updating their application to use our backup data center hostname should immediately restore connectivity. Your existing DOTS license key is already permitted to use our backup data center and no further actions should be needed.

Primary data center Hostname
Backup data center Hostname

In the unlikely event of a significant network failure at our primary data center, we will redirect our DNS record to temporarily point to our backup data center. In this case, no changes are required on your side.

For help with your failover configurations, please feel free to contact your Customer Success Specialist at 805.963.1700, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..