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Check Your Transaction Usage

Monitor your transaction usage on your account to maximize your subscription and avoid costly overages.

Your company is responsible for all transactions originating from your applications using the unique license key(s) that you've been assigned to.

Customers & Trial Users: Use the web-based Usage Reports form below for quick access to transaction counts on your Customer Production Key or Free Trial Key.
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Web-Based Usage Reports
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API-based Usage Reports

Use the web service API for usage reporting directly from your application. Check your DOTS Usage by clicking the API Tools links below.

XML Report for Trial Users | XML Report for Customers

There are three reporting options to choose from:
  • Transaction Details by Date Range: Usage by day for a specific date range
  • Transaction Details by Day: Usage for a specific date
  • Transaction by Date Range: Total usage for a specific date range

For help checking your transaction usage, contact your Customer Success Specialist at 805.963.1700, or email