A Quick Guide to our Phone Services

During these uncertain times, connecting reliably with your contacts has taken on new importance.

Over the last 20 years that Service Objects has been in business, we have had the opportunity to build multiple APIs that help our clients enrich, enhance and append contact data to their existing records, giving you the confidence to connect without fail. If you have taken a look at our product list, then you have likely seen the 20+ APIs that we offer to our clients.

If you aren’t 100% sure what API you need for your data, then this list can seem pretty daunting. We’re here to help with a quick reference guide to some of our phone services, to help you make an educated decision about which product to investigate further.

As a starting point, it is helpful to identify what data you have and what information you are hoping to receive about the data you have. We currently have three phone services available to customers. We’ll give a brief description of each product, and then visit some common scenarios and use cases to help identify what product would be best to help you obtain the results you want.

DOTS Phone Exchange 2

Returns exchange information like carrier information, line type, ported info, SMS and MMS details and the general location of the area where the phone is registered. This service can also identify high risk VOIP and prepaid phone numbers.

When to use

This service can be used to determine the validity of phone numbers by determining if the number is a valid exchange. The provided line type information can be used to determine how best to engage customers, and to weed out high risk numbers like portable VOIPs and prepaid numbers

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DOTS Geo Phone Plus 2

Returns exchange information like DOTS Phone Exchange 2, along with any available contact information associated with the phone number. This can include name, address and street level latitude and longitude coordinates for the address returned. This service can also indicate if a number has been disconnected or potentially disconnected. GeoPhone Plus 2 can also provide the same information about the line type of a phone number and help identify high risk numbers.

When to use

If you are looking for a service that takes your phone number data to the next level, this is it. GPPL2 will provide all the same validation info that Phone Exchange 2 provides with the addition of the name and address associated with a phone number. This service goes the extra mile to enhance and enrich your existing phone records.

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DOTS Phone Append 2

This service is used to append missing phone numbers to existing name and address data. It can take in a person’s name or a business name, along with the address that is associated with that name. Our service will then search for a phone number associated with the name and address combination and return it along with a confidence score.

When to use

If you want to enhance and enrich your data by adding phone numbers to your existing set of names and addresses. Obtaining phone numbers can be a vital next step in taking interactions with customers to the next level.

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