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Why Google Maps Isn’t Perfect

Google Maps is an amazing service. Much of the civilized world has now been mapped through its data sources, ranging from satellite data to its ubiquitous camera-mounted vehicles. The result is a tool that allows you to find a location, link to local businesses, or virtually drive anywhere from downtown Paris to rural Mexico. However, […]

Understanding Addresses in Australia

The country of Australia, officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, consists of six states and two territories. There are over 13 million known deliverable addresses in Australia. This article breaks down the standard format used for Australian addresses, and what to check for in each field of these addresses. Postal Services Mail in Australia […]

Contact Country Detection: How It Works

In a previous blog, we discussed the benefits of using DOTS Address Detective – International to detect a contact’s country. This blog will discuss some of the challenges surrounding country detection in more detail, as well as provide an overview on how we determine the best country from your data. Contact Components When trying to […]

Beginner’s Guide to International Phone Exchange

Our DOTS Phone Exchange can validate both domestic and international phone numbers. In this article, we will focus on validating international phone numbers using the operation, GetInternationalExchangeInfo. This operation parses a given international phone number to determine the validity of its telephone exchange. The resulting outputs also include geographic location and carrier information when available. […]

Understanding Addresses in the United Kingdom

For companies who deal with users in the United Kingdom, this reference guide can help you better understand how UK addresses are formatted and what makes an address valid. The United Kingdom: Three Nations, One Province, 29 Million Addresses The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – commonly referred to as Britain, the […]

AVI Address Output: We Speak Your Language

You say tomato, I say tomahto. You say Rome, I say Roma. You say Munich, I say München. Let’s Not call the whole thing off. Have you ever wondered why the country code and abbreviation for Germany is DE, or similarly why it is ES for Spain? Unlike FR and CA, which are France and […]

Mail Servers: Where in the world…?

We love data here at Service Objects. We are constantly working to expand and improve on our datasets to further innovate our product lineup. A big part of what makes our Email Validation (EV) service so good is the data that helps drive it. When communicating with a mail server in real-time to verify an […]

How to Use DOTS Email Validation 3

The DOTS Email Validation 3 (EV3) service has been designed to be robust enough to accommodate the particular needs of a detailed oriented programmer and simple enough to be used by a marketing assistant who needs to run an email campaign. The service can meet various needs that can essentially be narrowed down to two […]

Maintaining a Good Email Sender Reputation

What are Honeypot Email Addresses? A honeypot is a type of spamtrap. It is an email address that is created with the intention of identifying potential spammers. The email address is often hidden from human eyes and is generally only detectable to web crawlers. The address is never used to send out email and it […]

Thinking Alternatively About Place Names

Here at Service Objects we come across a lot of names, particularly the names of places. We also work with a lot of personal names, but for now I would like to focus on just place names. Whether the name is for a city, town, village, hamlet, district, region, state, prefecture, mining area, national park, […]

Can Google Maps be Used to Validate Addresses?

In November of 2016, Google started rolling out updates to more clearly distinguish their Geocoding and Places APIs, both of which are a part of the Google Maps API suite. The Places API was introduced in March 2015 as a way for users to search for places in general and not just addresses. Until recently […]

The Challenge of Storing International Addresses

Working with international address data can be difficult and confusing. Even when you have an application available to validate an address, and it tells you that it’s deliverable, you still have to deal with the chore of storing the resulting data. So when someone asks, “what’s the best way to store international addresses?”, what they […]

Geocoding Resolution – Ensuring Accuracy and Precision

When geocoding addresses, coordinate precision is not as important as coordinate accuracy. It is a common misconception to confuse high precision decimal degree coordinates with high accuracy. Precision is important, but having a long decimal coordinate for the wrong area could be damaging. It is more important to ensure that the coordinates point to the […]

Self-Learning Validation

Have you ever asked Siri to remind you to buy a certain product the next time you’re at the store, call your mom, or fetch the latest movie times? Technology that was once the realm of fantasy has made its way into your hands, and it’s getting smarter every day. Here at Service Objects, smart […]

3 Email Validation Terms You Should Know

Email validation is an important tool in ensuring the deliverability of your email messages. Not only can email validation correct common typos and weed out bogus email addresses, it is also essential in protecting your reputation with many large mail providers. After all, if a mail provider or mail server thinks you’re a spammer, NONE […]