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Is Your Contact Data an Asset or a Liability?

Get a Free Data Quality Scan and Learn the True Impact Poor Data Quality is Having on Your Organization

Did you know that 1 in 4 of your contact records most likely contains a critical error? Bad data has far-reaching negative impacts on the costs and performance of your marketing and sales campaigns, as well as significantly impacting customer service.

Service Objects’ data quality solutions help businesses make informed decisions about the customers they serve. We are the only company that combines the freshest address data with exclusive phone information and map data, enabling your business to be sure that every contact record in every database is as genuine, accurate and up-to-date as it can possibly be.

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Consider how your contact data ages.
In just one year:

30% of email subscribers will change their email addresses.

18% of all phone numbers will change.

35% of bad addresses involve user error on the part of the mailer.

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  • "Delivering a pristine lead is critical in the online marketing and lead generation business. Service Objects has helped add value to the services we provide our clients by helping to ensure the quality of leads that are generated through our landing pages."

    - Umut Vardar

  • "Service Objects Address Validation solutions run so seamlessly behind the scenes that we don't even think or worry about them," said Melissa Donaldson, Applications Product Manager, City of Thomasville. "I can't remember when we had to call the support center for help!"

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