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Service Objects Announces Reaching Six Billion Validation Milestone

Major achievement reflects fastest growth rate ever for the company.
SANTA BARBARA, CA (July 25, 2023)

Service Objects, the leading provider of Customer Data Validation, is pleased to announce reaching the major milestone of processing over six billion validations for its clients.

Our six billionth validation is a great accomplishment for Service Objects, and we want to personally thank our customers who are the reason we achieved this milestone.
Geoff Grow, CEO, Service Objects

Service Objects was founded in 2001 around an address validation solution designed to reduce the environmental consequences of inaccurate and duplicate direct mail. Since then, it has led the growth of an entire industry, offering a full range of services designed to ensure that customer contact data is genuine, accurate and verified. Today Service Objects has expanded its product portfolio to include email and phone validation, comprehensive lead validation and geolocation, all within an integrated environment supporting major business automation platforms.

This milestone represents an extraordinary surge in the global adoption of Customer Data Validation, as Service Objects accomplished its second three billion validations in less than one-third of the time it took to achieve the first three billion. The company handles more than a billion validations annually for mid to large sized enterprises worldwide.

Reaching six billion validations is also a significant milestone due to the alignment it has with one of the company’s core values, Corporate Conservation. Service Objects remains dedicated to making a difference in the environment, saving over an estimated 3 million trees, 1.25 billion gallons of water, 100 million pounds of air pollution, 700 million kWh of energy, and half a million cubic yards of landfill space since its founding.

Service Objects continues to grow by providing integrated Customer Data Validation for businesses, including major corporations such as Amazon, Microsoft, Guidewire, Verizon, Mastercard and Havertys Furniture. In the process, Service Objects' bank-grade security, guaranteed 99.999% uptime and no-cost 24/7/365 technical support has garnered industry-leading customer satisfaction ratings.

Service Objects founder and CEO Geoff Grow notes, “Our six billionth validation is a great accomplishment for Service Objects, and we want to personally thank our customers who are the reason we achieved this milestone. Our continued growth reflects a world where Customer Data Validation has become a requirement for global enterprises, who use our services to reduce the rising costs of bad data, weed out fraud, and meet compliance requirements. We look forward to working closely with our customers to evolve our services to support the next billion validations and beyond.”

To learn more about Customer Data Validation, visit our web page. For more information about integrating any of our services with your business applications, including requesting a demo or free trial license, please contact us.

About Service Objects

Founded in 2001, Service Objects is the leading provider of Customer Data Validation, verifying online transactions in real-time including a customer’s Name, Address, Phone, Email and Device. Using Service Objects’ global validation and location web services, businesses can identify potentially fraudulent contact records, append additional contact information, and process customer contact data more efficiently. Service Objects has validated over 6 billion transactions, and major brands such as American Express, Microsoft, and Amazon rely on Service Objects for their Customer Data Validation needs. For more information visit or email

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