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Real-time APIs ensure your addresses from anywhere in the world are valid, accurate and up-to-date.

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Address Validation - US

CASS-certified, Address Validation API instantly verifies, corrects and appends US mailing addresses with near-perfect accuracy. Our industry-leading service includes the USPS’ Delivery Point Validation (DPV), Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) and SuiteLink data for enhanced delivery intelligence.

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Address Validation - International

Instantly corrects, standardizes and appends addresses for over 250 countries. Validates global addresses to 99.5% match accuracy while correcting to the country’s postal formats and idiosyncrasies. Supports transliteration and over 25,000 alternate country names and variations in different languages.

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Address Validation - Canada

Verifies and standardized addresses to Canada Post standards. Covers over 15 million Canadian addresses in all 10 provinces and 3 territories. Detects, formats and returns addresses in both English and French.

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