Verify the Deliverability and Integrity of Email Addresses in Real-Time

DOTS Email Validation 3

Increase email delivery rates. Cleanse existing email lists. Verify emails in real-time at point of entry.

This real-time email verification service determines email address authenticity, accuracy, and deliverability, returning detailed information and error codes. The email validation API performs over 50 email address verification tests, calculates a quality score (accept or reject), auto-corrects common domain misspellings and syntax errors, and removes extraneous characters. Protect your mail servers from being blacklisted by only sending to authentic and accurate email addresses.



Sample Request URL

JSON output using path parameters:[YourKey]?format=json
XML output using query string parameters:[YourKey]
Four Ways to Use Your Subscription

Integrate our easy-to-program email verification API directly into your systems to clean, append, and verify email address data as well as prevent fraud.


When you have a quick email address list that needs to be verified and cleansed, it's time for DataTumbler, our PC-based data cleansing application.


Implementing an automated FTP batch for your email address verification needs is the perfect way to verify email address data from one of your systems.


The Quick Lookups tool is the perfect way to verify a few email addresses quickly! Access-from-anywhere email address validation tools will allow for fast validation.

  • Email Verification Features
    • Easy to interpret overall email quality score (0-4) derived from over 50 proprietary tests
    • Over 1.2 million MX records tested and updated regularly
    • Automatically corrects common email errors including: typos, extraneous text, common domain misspellings and syntax problems
    • Library of hygiene corrections and domain specific rules updated regularly
    • Identifies bogus, vulgar and role-based email addresses
    • Warns of potential spam traps, honeypots and known spammers
    • Provides important MX specific flags including: catch-all, wireless, free, disposable, alias, domain quality and more
    • Proven, redundant and scalable real-time email validation platform designed for maximum uptime
    • RESTful service supports SOAP, GET and POST requests over HTTP/S outputting in XML or JSON formats
  • Benefits of Real-Time Email Validation

    Did you know that up to 20 percent of email addresses captured in online registrations contain syntax, typo and formatting errors? It's not uncommon for users to accidentally type "gamil" when they meant to type "gmail", use ".com" instead of ".net," or even use the wrong symbol in front of the domain. Some users, out of frustration, malice, or a desire to keep their email addresses private, will enter bogus email addresses such as Whether accidental or on purpose, email errors result in excessive bounce rates, potential blacklisting by ISPs, and lost marketing opportunities. Bogus email addresses could also be a sign of fraud. Fortunately, many of these errors are fixable with an email validation service.

    DOTS Email Validation 3 service is an easy-to-use email verification API that instantly weeds out invalid, undeliverable, and bogus email addresses. DOTS Email Validation 3 now seamlessly integrates email hygiene tools to autocorrect invalid emails with fixable errors such as those described above.

    By using our email verification service, you can reduce bounces by 90 percent and maximize deliverability. Email address validation takes place in real time, allowing for corrections to be made immediately. Thus, your customers will receive your messages as intended, potentially reducing calls to your office.

    At the same time, email validation software protects you from getting blacklisted by ISPs as your bounce rate will no longer be an issue. Staying in the good graces of your ISP helps to ensure that your email messages go through as intended.

    Another important benefit of email validation involves combating fraud. Fraudsters typically hide behind bogus email addresses. If a bogus email address accompanies a product order, you may want to take a closer look at the transaction to determine its legitimacy.

    Our email verification service is ideal for developers who want the cleanest lists possible.With nearly 20 percent of all captured email addresses containing typos or syntax errors, email verification can immediately improve the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. Our email validation API scores each address, corrects common typos, and rejects bogus email addresses in an instant. ... Read Less

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