Dial up your call efficiency

Enhance your call-centric operations with Service Objects’ real-time solutions for landline, VoIP and mobile phone numbers. Web-based services allow you to append, score and verify phone and contact information to improve conversion rates, increase productivity and strengthen customer loyalty.

DOTS GeoPhone

Accurate reverse telephone number lookup of US and Canadian residential and business names and addresses. Our database of over 220 million contact records returns a match rate of 99.75% for listed telephone numbers.

DOTS GeoPhone Plus 2

Detailed reverse-lookup information for wireless, landline, VoIP and toll free telephone numbers, using over 400 millions telephone record listings in the US and Canada.

DOTS Phone Append 2

Get the most accurate lookup of landline telephone numbers available. Access over 800 million unique phone numbers from our proprietary contact record database, and append to your existing data.

DOTS Phone Exchange 2

This service offers you information about phone carrier exchange, line type, and if the phone number has been ported. It validates the first seven digits of any phone number. Verify whether telephone numbers in contact records are real and valid.