Instant Phone Number Verification, Line Type and Portability Data

DOTS Phone Exchange 2

Provides real-time phone number validation including phone exchange identification, line type and ported history information on 10 digit US and Canadian phone numbers.

DOTS Phone Exchange 2 provides advanced information about the phone number carrier including name, city, state, time zone, line type, latitude and longitude associated with that carrier exchange.

This updated version includes information about ported status; plus ported and original carrier information. It also includes the Local Access & Transport Area (LATA) information, which is the 3-digit code designating carrier boundary information. Service Objects proprietary database contains more than 2,300 telecom carriers from US, Canada and Puerto Rico. (For reverse phone lookup please visit DOTS GeoPhone Plus 2.)



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Integrate any of our easy-to-program contact verification APIs directly into your systems for real-time cleansing, appending and fraud protection.


When you have a quick list that needs to be verified and cleansed, it's time for DataTumbler, our PC-based data cleansing application.


Implementing an automated FTP batch for your data quality needs is the perfect way to cleanse data from one of your systems on a scheduled time of day or month.


Our Quick Lookups are the perfect way to get the job done fast! Access-from-anywhere data validation tools will come in handy for quick contact lookups.

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    • Database contains information on over 1.7 million working phone exchange blocks from 4,000 US and Canadian telecom providers
    • Removes extraneous characters commonly found within found telephone numbers
    • Returns detailed service provider information (carrier, city, state, line type, latitude and longitude)
    • Response time approximately 300 milliseconds
    • TimeZone and Latitude-Longitude append
    • SMS / MMS address append on Wireless numbers
    • LATA 3-digit code for carrier boundary information
    • Provides advanced resolution into carrier information for any telephone number combination in the North American Numbering Plan
    • Provides number portability information including ported date, originating carrier and line type
    • Appends line type data, distinguishing between landline, wireless numbers, or VoIP
    • Phone carrier lookup including ported phone numbers
    • Updated monthly
    • Real-time API or batch service available
    • Full SOAP/ REST support
    • Provides insight into where your contact is located
    • Eliminates landline vs. wireless mobile number guesswork
    • Improves compliance with federal telemarketing sales rules regarding calls to wireless devices
    • Track migration of contacts from one carrier to the next.
    • Resolve SMS/MMS address for multimedia advertising campaigns.
    • Identify and filter phone number lists by line type.
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