2 Billion! (and counting…)

In August 2015, Service Objects validated our 2 BILLIONTH contact and we’re still counting!  

The first billion contact validations took over 10 years – the next billion only took 4 years.  To celebrate, we put together some fun facts around the number 2 billion.

Did you know? 

2 billion miles is equal to: 

– 4,185 round trips to the moon

– 10 round trips to the sun

– 7 rescue missions to Mars for Mark Whatney!*


 2 billion seconds equals 63.42 years (give or take a leap second).


Only 2 movies (both by the same director) have grossed over 2 billion dollars – can you name them? **


 2 billion $100 bills stacked on top of each other would be 135.73 miles tall and weigh over 450 tons (and also worth 200 Billion dollars).HundredDollarBills

2 billion dollars would feed 1 million people ($5 breakfast, $7 lunch, $8 dinner) for 100 days.


 2 billion goldfish would fill 2 football stadiums. That is a lot of fish food.


 It would take 190 years to verbally count to two billion. Just don’t lose count. 🙂


We are truly grateful to our aweSOme customers for making this milestone possible and looking forward to reaching the next billion even faster.

* We’re BIG fans of The Martian here!

** Titanic and Avatar

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