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The Unmeasured Costs of Bad Customer and Prospect Data

Perhaps Thomas Redman’s most important recent article is “Seizing Opportunity in Data Quality.”  Sloan Management Review published it in November 2017, and it appears below.  Here he expands on the “unmeasured” and “unmeasurable” costs of bad data, particularly in the context of customer data, and why companies need to initiate data quality strategies. Here is the […]

The Un-Ignorable Link Between Employee Experience And Customer Experience

Engaged employees lead to happy customers. There is an undeniable link between employee experience and customer experience. Companies that lead in customer experience have 60% more engaged employees, and study after study has shown that investing in employee experience impacts the customer experience and can generate a high ROI for the company. Here are 10 […]

A Daisy Chain of Hidden Customer Data Factories

I published the provocatively-titled article, “Bad Data Costs the United States $3 Trillion per Year” in September, 2016 at Harvard Business Review. It is of special importance to those who need prospect/customer/contact data in the course of their work. First read the article. Consider this figure: $136 billion per year. That’s the research firm IDC’s […]

Improving Customer Satisfaction Through Data Quality

“Online retailers of all sizes are constantly under attack by sophisticated fraudsters. In fact, credit card fraud costs US online retailers an estimated $3.9 billion each year.” – Geoff Grow, Founder and CEO, Service Objects At Service Objects, we know that data quality excellence is the key to helping retailers feel confident about improving delivery rates […]

To Be Customer-Centric, You Have To Be Data-Centric

In today’s fast-paced world, customers have become more demanding than ever before. Customer-centric organizations need to build their models after critically analyzing their customers, and this requires them to be data-centric. Today, customers expect companies to be available 24/7 to solve their queries. They expect companies to provide them with seamless information about their products […]

The Talent Gap In Data Analytics

According to a recent blog by Villanova University, the amount of data generated annually has grown tremendously over the last two decades due to increased web connectivity, as well as the ever-growing popularity of internet-enabled mobile devices. Some organizations have found it difficult to take advantage of the data at their disposal due to a […]

Ensuring Addresses are Accurate and Up-to-Date

“Did you know that nearly 30 million Americans move each year? Did you also know that government agencies like counties, cities, and states are required to keep accurate and up to date records of their private citizens for communication purposes?” Service Objects is committed to helping businesses reduce waste, and identify and improve operating efficiency […]

What Has Changed in Customer Service?

Every week, I’m asked, “What is changing in customer service?” The expected answer is that I’ll talk about all the new ways customer service and support is conducted – and I do. There’s self-service solutions that include robust frequently asked questions and video. There’s social media customer service with multiple channels like Facebook and Twitter. […]

Will Omnichannel Someday Die Out Because of Big Data?

You probably know what omnichannel means, but a quick definition is always helpful. It refers to the various touch points by which a business/organization can reach a customer. The idea — and the ideal — is to get the offer in front of them at the time they’re most likely to be interested. Typically in […]

The Importance of Address Integrity

“We all know that direct marketing can be tough when at least 30 percent of all leads generated online are bogus. Here is the problem: marketing departments are incentivized to bring in as many leads as they can. However, it is nearly impossible to know which leads have potential just by looking at them.” – Geoff […]

The Path to Data Quality Excellence

“In the era of big data and software as a service, we are witnessing a major industry transformation. In order to stay competitive, businesses have reduced the time it takes to deploy a new application from months to minutes.” – Geoff Grow, Founder and CEO, Service Objects The big data revolution has ushered in a […]

Fighting Fraud with Big Data

Fraud comes in many forms whether through misrepresentation, concealment or intent to deceive. Traditional methods of identifying and fighting fraud have relied on data analysis to detect anomalies which signal a fraud event has taken place. Detecting anomalies falls into two categories; known and unknown. Known Fraud Schemes Known fraud schemes can be easy to […]

How to Validate International Addresses

Dealing with international addresses is no simple task. An address can often be misspelled, incorrectly formatted or simply written in a foreign language that you do not understand. The simple fact that many international addresses are foreign to us means that we are unable to recognize when something is wrong. Take the simple word “street” […]

What Does Address Validation Offer?

Our USPS CASS Certified™ Address Validation service improves internal mail processes and delivery rates by standardizing contact records against USPS data and flagging for vacancy, addresses returning mail, and general delivery addresses. Our industry-leading GetBestMatches operation now combines Delivery Point Validation (DPV), SuiteLink, and Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) into one robust API call to our […]

Protecting Yourself from High Risk IP Fraud

With the holiday season upon us, online sales surge with customers seeking to place orders with retailers. But not all orders, form submissions, and lead generation efforts are legitimate. Building fraud identification systems which can properly identify cases that are illegitimate can range from simple to complex, with the latter using such methods as tracking […]

Name Deduplication Techniques

Identifying Duplicate Records The bane of any Database Administrator is maintaining duplicate records. They take up unnecessary space and generally do not provide any added value to contact records. A more challenging task for Database Administrators is how to identify and merge records which might be duplicates, and in particular, duplicate names. There may be […]

Make Customer Data the Foundation of Your Marketing Campaigns

Gaining Insight on Customers and Prospects No question: customers are the backbone of your business and in order to make a connection, and ultimately generate sales, you need to maintain good insight into not only who and where they are, but what they are interested in. Making that connection between a customer’s needs and your […]

Service Objects Announces DOTS NuGet Packages

What do you get when you cross Service Objects’ powerful data validation APIs with NuGet? Time savings — and peace of mind that our best practices including failover configuration have been implemented. What is NuGet? NuGet, an open source package manager, was first introduced in 2010 as NuPack. It has since evolved and is now […]

Introducing DOTS Address Validation – International

Simplify risk assessment, reduce fraud, and ensure the integrity of your address data with DOTS Address Validation – International. An address validation service is a must have tool for every business. Choosing not to use one can lead to expensive losses in time, money and resources. However, you don’t want to use just any address validation […]

DOTS Phone Exchange 2 Now Offers a Global Phone Validation Solution

Phone Number Validation is the number one tool for the Data Hygienist to ensure that phone numbers in their lists are clean, correct and useful. Executing any phone campaign without proper phone number validation can waste precious time and money. Working with international clients adds new challenges, requiring your phone number lists to be properly […]

AweSOme New Product Updates You Don’t Want to Miss!

At Service Objects, we are constantly striving to provide value to our customers and improve our products. With that in mind, here are some of the new features we know you will be interested in! Name Validation ValidationNameV2 Operation DOTS Name Validation 2 has introduced a new operation, ValidationNameV2. This new operation incorporates a number […]

Moving to Canada – Mail Subscriber Guide

Thinking about moving to Canada after this election? All jokes aside, there are some things you should know about sending or receiving mail to our northerly neighbor. We have compiled some of the key things you should know before making the move. Home Delivery Phase Out On December 11, 2013, Canada Post announced a plan […]

Building Intelligent Applications with Applied Machine Learning

Intelligent Systems are ubiquitous in our daily lives, from facial recognition in cameras to product recommendations in e-commerce. These modern conveniences and others are enabled through machine learning. Machine learning is the process by which behavior of an application is controlled based on prior experience vs rules that are dictated by hand. Recent polls estimate […]

Opinionated Software – Choosing Your Vision

In software development, there are two common approaches to architectural design. One school of thought, un-opinionated, is to make software agnostic and be as flexible as possible to allow the developer to make decisions on how to design and solve problems correctly. On the other hand, some believe the best software, opinionated, should only realize […]

Cold Calling in an Election Year

This election year has already had its share of surprises and upsets, and it’s just getting started. Political parties and individual campaigns alike are scrambling to reach out to as many members of the community as possible. Networks of volunteers are cold calling voters while robocalling systems are dialing numbers at an astounding rate. One […]

10 Data Analytic Tools To Help You Better Understand Your Marketing ROI

A global review of data-driven marketing by GlobalDMA and the Winterberry Group found in its survey of 3,000 marketing professionals that nearly all recognize the importance of data in advertising and customer experience efforts, with over 77% saying they’re confident in the practice and its prospects for future growth. That study also noted that spending […]

How IP Validation Can Help Prevent Fraud

Have you ever been in a business with a sign that says, “We reserve the right to refuse service”? When doing business in person, merchants may be able to detect warning signs of potential fraud. Perhaps the name on a credit card is not the same as the name on the customer’s ID card. Maybe […]

Revealed: 4 Fresh Lead-Generation Tools for Closers

Are you looking for fresh lead-generation tools to help boost sales? Do you have a rock star sales team already, yet know your sales force could close even more contracts if they had access to better leads? There are excellent new resources being developed for business owners and marketers thanks to entrepreneurs within the lead-generation […]

Improving Canada Address Deliverability

Each year, over 140 million pieces of mail are marked as undeliverable. This happens for several reasons which include incorrect address format, address no longer exists, and mail refused by an addressee to name a few. This article seeks to clarify some of the most common questions regarding Canadian address types and proper formatting techniques […]

Tips for Referencing a Web Service from Behind a Firewall

It’s not unusual for network administrators to lock down their server environments for security reasons and restrict inbound and outbound network activity. Basically, nothing can come in or go out without permission. As such, if your application requires an HTTP connection to call an external web service, then your network admin will most likely need […]

Service Objects Integration Patterns

Request and Reply Usage: The request and reply pattern utilizes the HTTP protocol to transfer data to Service Objects Web Services where the data is processed, validated and/or appended to and returned to the client. Example: A custom web form which captures a user’s contact information to be inserted into a CRM or database. In […]

Natural Disasters – Service Objects Is Ready!

As Hurricane Joaquin works its way toward the United States’ East Coast, Service Objects has made every effort to ensure its services will remain available and performance will not be affected. Our newly launched East Coast data center in New Jersey has activated standard contingency controls as a precautionary measure. Support resources have been placed […]

The Benefits And Uses Of Local Number Portability

Local Number Portability (LNP) was introduced to the telecom industry as a means of fighting the monopolistic practices of phone service providers. Prior to LNP being developed, switching telecom carriers required obtaining a new phone number. This inconvenience allowed vendors to lock-in clients who did not wish to change their current number. With the advent […]

2 Billion! (and counting…)

In August 2015, Service Objects validated our 2 BILLIONTH contact and we’re still counting!   The first billion contact validations took over 10 years – the next billion only took 4 years.  To celebrate, we put together some fun facts around the number 2 billion. Did you know?  2 billion miles is equal to:  – 4,185 round trips to […]

How a Rise in Disposable Email Addresses Can Affect a Business’s Email Marketing

Disposable email addresses (DEAs) are nothing new, but for business owners, project managers and IT specialists, it can spell disaster for email marketing campaigns. Understanding what they are, why they are used and how they affect businesses can help leaders adjust their strategy when collecting addresses. What Disposable Email Addresses Are All About Nowadays, most […]

Service Objects Is Now A Bronze Bicycle Friendly Business!

Service Objects is now a League of American Bicyclists recognized Bronze Bicycle Friendly Business!  Service Objects joins a cutting-edge group of more than 1,000 local businesses, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies across the United States that are transforming the American workplace.  “The business community’s investment in bicycling is playing a central role in making […]

The Problem With Bad Address Validation

Street, avenue, boulevard, and court are but a few of the many suffixes used in addresses. Add in Spanish or French variations like corte or rue and the list gets even longer. If you use the wrong suffix, such as Elm Street instead of Elm Avenue, your package may not arrive. While businesses use address […]

Canadian Address Privacy Concerns

Canada has several privacy laws regulating the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information in the course of commercial activities. Under Canada’s private sector privacy laws, personal information is not allowed to be passed back and forth across the border unless the individual is notified. As alarming as this may sound if you’re a Canadian […]

Service Objects and the Hack-a-thon

What is a Hack-a-thon? The term “hackathon” (or “hackfest,” “codefest, or “hackday”) combines the words hack and marathon. In other words, a caffeine-fueled frenzy of innovation. Though coding is a common hackathon task, these events, which can last from a single day or an all-nighter to more than a week, aren’t just for hacking. Hackathons […]

The Anatomy of a Great Contact Record

Many of us work with databases containing row after row of contact records. We tend to think of these databases as a whole, oftentimes referring to a contact database as a “list.” While you may care deeply about the database’s quality and health overall, have you ever considered its health on a more cellular level? […]

Demographics for Email

What an email may say about your potential customers Today’s marketer knows that the keys to increased conversion and awareness is understanding your target audience and creating a relevant and personalized experience for your customers and potential customers. The use of real-time data is becoming more and more commonplace as marketers strive to customize their […]

New Contact Validation Design References for Microsoft CRM, Microsoft SQL & Oracle DB

Our development team has been working hard on some new design references in an effort to make our contact validation services easier to integrate.  Many services can be strengthened with Service Objects products for address validation, email validation, NCOA service, phone number validation and much more.  Our design references are intended to make the integration […]

Email Append – The Good. The Bad. And the Ugly.

Because of the prevalence of multi-channel marketing, email append has become a widely used method for companies to build their in-house email database with permission-based addresses. It’s one of the most useful tools to get up and running. But it’s a service that is mired in controversy. And rightfully so. The CAN-SPAM Act, a law […]

Failover of Contact Validation Services, Ensuring the Continuous Flow of Your Data

Many companies talk about up-time and service level agreements that look great on paper but don’t perform up to customer expectations in a crisis. A good backup process, covering application software, is necessary and should be standard, but it’s not enough. You need an architecture that provides failover from a primary server, to a back-up […]

Addition of 103 Million Contacts Improves Contact Validation Accuracy

New Enhancement Will Improve Your Contact Data Accuracy for Reverse Phone Lookup and Lead Enhancement and Scoring. Traditional consumer data sources such as Directory Assistance are offered by typical industry vendors to lead aggregators, retailers and company’s dependent on contact information, as a way to improve match rates and viability of collected contact information. This […]

E-Commerce: Calculating the Right Sales Tax

How to Keep Up With Changing Local Sales & Use Tax Rates “Tax complexity itself is a kind of tax.” ~Max Baucus Since the beginning of the year, 25 different cities or counties in the state of Arkansas have had changes in their sales & use tax rates. In Texas, the state tax rate is […]

Examples of Real-World Applications using DOTS Contact Validation Web Services

XML Based Web services were developed with the goal that computers using different environments could communicate and exchange information. At Service Objects, Inc. our commitment to satisfying this objective continues with the implementation of our Web services supported through various languages and environments. It is our goal to simplify the implementation of our services and […]

How Technology Can Help Close Online Sales and Keep Customers Coming Back

Not another marketing theory: Read how technology works on the issues that may be limiting your sales and/or damaging your online reputation. Successful e-commerce companies have three things in common: Good online reviews, reasonable delivery fees and prompt delivery of goods. Web services can help you streamline delivery rates and assure your products are delivered […]

Happy Birthday Microsoft Office

In a few days Microsoft Office will turn 21. It’s used in 80% of all businesses with only 8% using alternatives like Oracle StarOffice, Google Apps, and Lotus Symphony. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we thought it would be appropriate to develop some new code samples that integrate DOTS Web services with Microsoft Office 2007 […]

Does Email Validation Help Catch Bogus Email Addresses?

A lot of people ask what an email validation system really does and if it really helps catch bogus email addresses. The short answer is, it weeds out good email addresses from bad. However, all email validation systems are not created equal. Some help and others don’t. A standard method is to use server-side scripting […]

Two Types of Online Fraud Everyone Can Do Without

DOTS Telephone Verification Steps Up Site Security The threat from computer crimes and other online security breaches has barely slowed, never mind stopped, according to a recent survey of 538 security professionals in U.S. corporations that was conducted by the Computer Security Institute and the FBI’s Computer Intrusion Squad.1 One such crime is online identity […]

Plug Into Web Services without Breaking a Sweat

Introducing the Address Validation Do-it-Yourself Plugin for When I can get greater functionality out of my work applications without getting the tech staff involved, it makes my day. Sometimes I just need a no-muss-no-fuss solution that doesn’t require me to fill out a time and expense requisition for help. There are also times I […]

LeadsCon 2010… Its all about Quality Leads

I am out in Las Vegas attending LeadsCon 2010. THE Lead Generation Conference. After day one, the event is off to a great start. What I have noticed is that throughout the sessions, a recurring theme is Quality. Quality Data. Quality Leads. Quality relationships between lead buyers and lead sellers. I couldn’t agree more. The […]

Service Objects Customers Benefit From Seventh Straight Month of 100% Availability

At Service Objects, our commitment to contact data quality doesn’t stop at the data services we provide. Availability and access to that data is critical to our business and our customer’s businesses. Ensuring our data is available “on-demand” is something we take very seriously. For the seventh straight month, we are pleased to report 100% […]

Lead Validation ROI in Plain English: Save Thousands per Month; Get 5.8 days ROI

A recent study by Marketing Sherpa found that when filling out web forms less than 40% of those surveyed provided accurate phone number and custom information—such as address—all of the time. The reality is most people are reluctant to give up their precious contact information when doing research or filling out requests for information. More […]

Address Geocoding—a Big Tip for Delivery Businesses

All over the country businesses have popped up to bring quality sit-down restaurant meals into our homes. In the Pacific Northwest, Dinner Delivery Plus is one such business. Serving the Greater Eastside of Seattle area for the past 16 years, Dinner Delivery Plus offers the 400,000+ residents and businesses a variety of national and local […]

Direct Mail Marketing Isn’t Going Anywhere Yet

While many industry experts are calling 2010 the year that will “kill marketing as we know it”, some feel that we shouldn’t be so quick to write off some of the good ole’ tried and true methods. I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal that further convinced me. The article, “Firms Hold […]

Phone Validation Made Simple

Businesses know Phone Validation makes business sense, but how do you use it to your best advantage? There are several things to consider when trying to validate a telephone number, and in this blog we have broken down the process for you step-by-step. There are many ways to validate a telephone number, and many variables […]

The Top 10 Reasons I Enjoy Working at Service Objects

10. Our game room with a ping pong table, foosball table, big screen projector, XBOX360, and Rock Band. 9. Blazing fast network access and dual 20″ LCD monitors. 8. Did someone say BBQ?! We love to cook on the Q on our beautiful patio overlooking the mountains of Santa Barbara. 7. Wellness benefits coverage that […]

The Business of Batches

We often hear the question, “What is the difference between your Batch services and your Real-Time XML Web Services? Hopefully these key points will help shed some light on the matter. Can I order a Batch for any of your services? With the exception of only a few services, the majority of DOTS Services are […]

When the Going Gets Tough the Tough use DOTS Web Services

With the economy amidst a downfall you need to exercise your budget, right? Service Objects can help you lean down expenses and keep moving forward with DOTS Lead Validation. Efficiency is key in this day and age, and what directly attributes to efficiency? Streamlining and Automation! Can you tell just by looking at your leads […]

What’s New at Service Objects?

The development team here at Service Objects is always hard at work supporting, enhancing, and building new Web services. For this blog, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you about two new and enhanced Web services, that we will be releasing in the near future! DOTS GeoPhone Plus is a new […]

Santa to Use DOTS Address Geocode, Rudolph’s Fears Allayed

SANTA BARBARA, CA — December 23, 2008 — Service Objects announced today that its DOTS Address Geocode Web Service will play an important role as Santa Claus drives his sleigh around the world tomorrow night. Now that Santa’s sleigh is equipped with GPS tracking and DOTS Address Geocode, Santa will be able to perform property-level […]

New Undeliverable-as-Addressed (UAA) Standards

As a marketer I am always keeping a watch on industry news that will affect the bottom line of my sales and marketing campaigns. I think that this story is of particular interest to my field, especially since I will be able to utilize my company’s products to counteract the potential pitfalls associated with the […]