Gain Phone Insights from Caller ID to Carrier

As part of our suite of data validation products here at Service Objects, we offer three main phone services: Geophone Plus (reverse lookup), Phone Exchange, and Phone Append. Depending on you or your company’s needs, one of our services may suit your specific phone verification needs.

Have an old phone list?

Have a phone list you want to put fresh names to? Our GeoPhone Plus 2 service appends the Contact the number belongs to, the Provider of the line, the line type, and additional location information associated with the line such as address information and coordinates.

DOTS GeoPhone Plus 2 has over 400 million US and Canadian records, including 170 million wireless numbers, making this the most accurate, up-to-date validation and reverse phone lookup service available. This API-based service provides geocoded carrier and contact information, phone type, SIC business categorization on business numbers, SMS/MMS address information for wireless numbers, and Local Number Portability tracking for carrier and line type identification on ported numbers. Its reverse phone lookup also identifies portable VoIP and prepay phone numbers for fraud prevention practices.

Only really need phone exchange info?

Trying to meet TCPA compliance or planning an SMS marketing campaign? DOTS Phone Exchange 2 is a real-time API that validates and formats any phone number worldwide. This latest version provides industry leading information on ported status of a phone number including date of porting, current and previous carrier information, and the 3-digit code designating the Local Access & Transport Area (LATA) defining the service boundary.

Service Objects’ proprietary database for Phone Exchange 2 contains more than 2,300 telecom carriers worldwide. This service provides advanced information about the phone number carrier including name, city, state, time zone, line type, latitude and longitude associated with that carrier exchange.

Need a phone number, but only have names and address information?

Collecting information from a webform and trying to append the associated phone number to that contact? DOTS Phone Append 2 is a real-time web service API that enables companies to append missing consumer and business phone numbers to contact data records.

Our proprietary database of over 800 million consumer, business and government phone listings yields industry-leading match rate accuracy of over 60%. Phone Append 2 also validates and standardizes submitted street addresses. With this service, companies ensure that their customer contact records are complete and always up to date.

Our Phone Append 2 service provides a phone number as output when a match with a name and address is found, along with other information about the line, such as line type and an indicator if the line is residential or not.

Still unsure which phone service is right for you?

The following chart displays a feature comparison of our GeoPhone Plus 2, Phone Exchange, and Phone Append services, to better display the similarities and differences amongst the three.

Download this comparison table.

Interested? Grab a trial key

It is easy to discover the power of our phone validation services for your own business applications. Our product webpages for GeoPhone PlusPhone Append, and Phone Exchange demonstrate each tool’s capabilities live with sample numbers, so you can see for yourself what kind of outputs they return. We also offer a free trial key for each service, good for 500 of your own transactions, to test each one and see which suits your use case best.

Have more questions? Our friendly technical staff is ready to assist you at any time. Let us help you explore how to get the most out of your telephone contact data assets.