Businesses Gain Marketing and Customer Insight by Appending Contact Info to Phone Numbers

You can learn a lot from a phone number. On my home phone, my caller ID let’s me know who is calling: my Best Friend or the National Survey Calling Center? With this info, I can make a split-second decision on what to do. To answer or not to answer.

For businesses, the customer’s phone number offers a different sort of intelligence. And I am not talking about your mom’s caller ID. Reverse Phone Lookup Services like DOTS GeoPhone Plus offer businesses critical data regarding customers and prospective customers. With a service like this, a phone number can provide a business with the following information:

– Residence or Business
– Residential Contact or Business Name
– Associated Address
– Telephone Provider Info (Carrier, City, State and Latitude and Longitude)
– Line type (wireless, landline, VOIP or toll free)

So what can a business do with this data? Here are just a few examples of how some of our customers are using this information:

Online Retailer

Use phone number and appended information to track potentially fraudulent transactions by comparing the appended information with the user-entered address information.

Phone/Mail Order Catalog Call Center
Auto-populating CRM and Contact Center databases: Auto-populating customer contact data reduces the chance of human error and typos while increasing the efficiencies of call center operators.

Laser Eye Surgery Center
Analyzing address and location data to determine future marketing and media spend. Having this detailed information about callers allows marketers to know where their customers and prospects are coming from to determine where to put their money for direct marketing campaigns, tv, etc.

National Grocery Chain
By collecting customer phone numbers at Check-Out, national grocery chains gain valuable insight on a store-by-store basis regarding where their customers are coming from. This helps to inform decisions about future store locations as well as targeted marketing campaigns.

How would having this level of contact information improve your business operations?

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