Who Is Service Objects?

Who is Service Objects? We are a data validation company that aims to cleanse, append and enhance our customers’ contact data. We are fanatical about data quality, customer service and our 99.999% uptime guarantee (that’s less than five minutes a year, if you are doing the math). We are also committed to reducing wasted paper, time and resources through data quality excellence. We strive to provide the industry’s top contact validation tools to our customers.

What does Service Objects offer?

We offer 24 different services that our customers can use. These include APIs that validate email addresses, IP addresses, physical mailing addresses, phone numbers and BIN numbers. Our tools can also provide tax rates based on addresses, validate domestic and international lead information, append missing contact information, or even provide demographic data or location intelligence about your contacts.

You can embed these real-time APIs in your own contact data platforms, or even use our convenient batch services to clean and validate your databases with no programming required. Either way, we provide you with better data along with a host of associated information.

Why would I use Service Objects?

There are many reasons! One of the reasons that we are really passionate about is that validated, verified and corrected data helps eliminate waste. For example, take our flagship Address Validation 3 service: if addresses are run and verified through our CASS certified system, this will reduce the number of mailings that are undeliverable due to bad or incorrect addresses – along with all of the costs and human effort that go along with this.

Other key reasons revolve around ROI and profitability. We can validate the quality of your marketing leads, boost sales and target marketing better by offering a more complete view of your customers, reduce shipment errors and service failures, and help you avoid compliance penalties in a world that is increasingly regulating marketing contact activities. Our services can also fight fraud by helping identify high-risk or bad contact information.

How do I call a Service Objects web service?

Great question!  Our services are generally very simple to use and call. For starters, you will need a trial key to successfully call our services. Sign up for a free API trial key here! After you have a trial key, you will be able to test any of our webservices. For example, if you have signed up for a trial key of our DOTS Address Validation 3 service, you can test out the service by putting your key into the URL below:

This GET request will return an XML version of the response; however, most of our services also offer JSON as an available output type. Requests to our services can also be made through POST or SOAP protocols as well.  Below is an example of the response you can expect from our DOTS AV3 service.

How do I deal with the response?

This depends on your application. For example:

  • If you are using a Service Objects subscription to cleanse a database, then you would likely want to update old records with the standardized and validated data.
  • If you are looking to delete old bad data, then you may want to remove any record that receives an error from our service.
  • If you are looking to enhance data, then you will likely want to add notes that we provide in many of our services to your records.
  • If our services are being used in real time, then the results can be used to relay information back to the user inputting it.

Potential things to highlight or notify a user about could include that an address is not deliverable, the given phone number is not valid, or the given email address is not deliverable. Each use case is unique!

Which leads to one of the best features about working with Service Objects: us. We love to work with our customers to help them get the most out of the services and data that we provide. Contact us anytime to learn more about what we can do for you!

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