NuGet Packages

Get our NuGet packages to expedite Service Objects’ integrations into your .Net application.

Developers can save time by loading a Service Objects’ NuGet package directly into their .Net code. Using a Service Objects’ package, you will automatically be implementing our best practices such as a fail-over configuration. The appropriate settings will be added to your project’s configuration file and integration will be fast and clear.

V. 1.0.0V. 1.0.1V. 1.0.2
Address & Geocoding
Address Validation - US 3 
Address Geocode - US
Address Validation Plus - US 
Address Detective
NCOA Live 
Address Geocode - Canada 
Address Validation - Canada 2 
Address Validation - International 
Lead Validation  
Lead Enhancement  
Lead Enhancement Plus  
GeoPhone Plus 2  
Phone Append 2  
Phone Exchange 2  
Telephone Verification  
Email Validation 3  
Email Insight  
Order Validation  
BIN Validation  
Demographics & More
IP Address Validation  
Name Validation 2  
Demographics Plus  
V. 1.0.0V. 1.0.1V. 1.0.2