DOTS and Oracle Database

Enhance or append data from within your Oracle Database with Service Objects’ Web Services

Our DOTS real-time API validation services can clean and append to your Oracle database, ensuring your contact data stays accurate and up-to-date

Overview on DOTS and Oracle Database

Design Reference

Validated data can reduce costs and save time.
Your Oracle database houses thousands of contacts. Are they up to date? Have people moved? Was there data entered correctly? In just 200ms per transaction you can know all this and more. With a validated CRM database you can send out mail, email and even use geolocation services to your advantage to save time and money.

Design DOTS Web Services into your Oracle Database.
If you are using an Oracle database that needs to be validated or enhanced, the integration of our DOTS Web Services can achieve these goals with the highest level of accuracy. Addresses, phone numbers, geolocations and more can all be accessed in real-time with a web call.

Sample Code of our Contact Validation Web Services

Integrate our Real Time XML services with your Oracle Database. See our Product Developer Guides for more information about our services.

For services not featured, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance with integration.

System Requirements: Simplify with Oracle SOAP API

While earlier versions may support this functionality, this procedure has been verified on Oracle 11g Release 2. This example also makes use of Oracles’ SOAP_API script which provides the necessary utility functions for issuing SOAP requests as well as parsing responses. All of the materials needed for this project can be downloaded from the links provided below.

Download Oracle SQL Developer:

Download Oracle SQL Plus Client:

Download Oracle Express Edition:

Download the Oracle SOAP API script: