Service Objects Enhances Address Verification with New Best Match Algorithm

New operation combines four of the most utilized operations into one powerful address verification API.

PR Newswire January 27, 2015 8:00 AM Eastern

Santa Barbara, CA, January 27, 2015 - Today Service Objects, the leading provider of real-time data quality and validation services, announced that they have enhanced their address verification service to include more address validation and correction capabilities. This enhancement builds upon the address verification API's strengths, such as returning CASS™-certified addresses with USPS® Delivery Point Verification (DPV) data whenever possible.

Previously, retrieving advanced address indicators required additional API calls, adding time and associated transaction costs. With today’s launch, Service Objects becomes the only address verification service to provide advanced address indicators in a single transaction for every address. This eliminates the delay and reduces transaction costs to as little as one cent per address. As a result, the enhanced address validation service can now verify, standardize, and append data to USPS Delivery Point Verification standards even when an address "fails" traditional CASS certification standards.

“Service Objects’ goal is to make every address record in every system as accurate as possible. In 2004, we introduced real-time address validation to the market and equipped businesses with powerful tools to improve their customer data,” said Jonas Shaefer, Director of Engineering for Service Objects. “By combining several data sources into a single web service transaction, we are providing the next level of address information.”

The company's DOTS Address Validation - US 3 API standardizes contact records by comparing them to a USPS database and appending address elements as needed. Offered to developers on a subscription basis, the address validation service can be used four ways: as an integrated real-time API; do-it-yourself list processing with a data-cleansing application; FTP batch address validation; and online "Quick Lookups."

The enhanced address verification API is now faster, more accurate, more informative, and better able to correct more address mistakes than its predecessor. It also allows users to pick among multiple matches if a final decision cannot be made by code. The enhanced USPS address verification service is also easier for end users and developers to implement because one operation handles multiple requests.

"These changes translate into fewer calls to the API, saving transaction usage for our users," Shaefer said. "Using the improved address verification service also maximizes throughput speed for an application and increases output details for better decision making."

To learn more about address verification standards or CASS certification, download the complimentary whitepaper. For a free trial of DOTS Address Validation – US or to request a demo, visit

About Service Objects
Founded in 2001, Service Objects is the leading provider of real-time contact validation including lead scoring and address validation. Its validation and location-based web services allow businesses to identify potentially fraudulent transactions, append additional contact information and process transactions in a more efficient manner. The company works with major brands like American Express, LendingTree and Amazon; and it has validated over 1.8 billion contacts. For a full listing of contact validation services, visit