Security and Reliability

Bank Grade Security and 99.999% Uptime

Service Objects goes the extra mile to invest in “Bank Grade” security and reliability. We maintain a strict privacy policy, and your contact data is never stored. All sensitive data is encrypted and our redundant server data centers and infrastructure ensures the highest levels of service uptime and reliability.

We’ve invested in state of the art data centers, manned 24/7/365. Redundant routers, switches, server clusters and backup systems guarantee high availability above 99.999%. We support an extensive list of physical and network security measures and use the highest level of encryption and the latest security tools to ensure that our customers’ data is secure.

  • 24/7/365 manned and secured state-of-art data centers
  • Ingress and egress secured with electronic keycards, pin codes, biometric hand scans and mantraps
  • No copies of your real-time data are stored
  • Sensitive data like customer information is encrypted
  • All connections can use SSL with a minimum of 128-bit symmetric encryption and a 1024-bit authenticated key agreement
  • Continuous layer-3 monitoring of firewalls and load balancers provides real-time proactive security information
  • Redundant switches, firewalls, load balancers, servers and backup systems ensure high availability

With this level of commitment to security and availability, you would think this would slow us down. Not the case. We take transaction speed seriously. We provide sub-second transaction processing and redundant load-balanced servers. In fact, third party tests have shown that Service Objects is rated highest in speed and reliability.

Now you can take that to the bank.

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