5 Data Quality Experts to Follow in 2015 

data-quality-thought-leadersIs 2015 the year of data quality? It could be! Companies are beginning to recognize the benefits of data quality: improved customer service, better quality leads, improved deliverability, reduced costs, fraud prevention, productivity gains, and more. Below are five data quality experts who are helping to spread the word. Follow them on social media and kick off 2015 by educating yourself on data quality.

Ted Friedman, @ted_friedman


Ted Friedman is an IT industry analyst at Gartner, and has been for more 15 years. He brings nearly 30 years of IT industry experience to the table, focusing on: Information Management Strategy, Internet of Things, Information Governance, Data Integration, and Data Quality. Tim Friedman regularly tweets data quality factoids and statistics, definitions, tips, insights, and links to informative articles, videos, and reports. An expert in IT and data, Ted Friedman is also well-versed in the art of using social media effectively. He regularly tags his tweets with hashtags such as #DataQuality, #DataIntegration, and #DataGovernance. Join the conversation and learn more about data quality by following @ted_friedman.

Jim Harris, @ocdqblog


With a blog titled “Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality,” it’s a safe bet that blogger Jim Harris is passionate about data quality. Jim Harris is a data quality expert who shares his expertise via consulting work, speaking engagements, and his Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality blog. He is also a freelance writer who regularly contributes to publications such as the SAS Data Roundtable, Information-Management.com, Informatica Perspectives, Actian Big Data and Analytics Blog, and more. What can you expect from Jim Harris? In-depth original articles, thoughtful insights, links to relevant information about data quality, and nuggets of wisdom such as this:

“In the era of big data, it’s not about being data-driven–because your organization has always been data-driven. It’s about what data your organization is being driven by–and whether that data is driving your organization to make better decisions.”

David Loshin, @davidloshin


David Loshin is the president of Knowledge Integrity, a firm that helps organizations institute Data Quality, Master Data Management, Data Standards, and Data Governance programs. In addition to providing consulting services, training, custom implementations, and data quality assessments, David Loshin, is also a thought leader, programmer, and data expert extraordinaire. He is also a prolific author with numerous books, articles, and blog posts published. His books include: Business Intelligence: The Savvy Managers Guide; Big Data Analytics: From Strategic Planning to Enterprise Integration with Tools, Techniques, No SQL, and Graph; and Using Information to Develop a Culture of Customer Centricity.

Dylan Jones, @dataqualitypro


Based in the United Kingdom, Dylan Jones founded Data Quality Pro, a vibrant community of data quality professionals. According to Mr. Jones’ LinkedIn profile, Data Quality Pro is the “largest online resource dedicated entirely to Data Quality and Data Governance.”

Dylan Jones regular writes on data quality topics, coordinates Data Quality Pro’s “virtual summit,” holds data quality webinars, and tweets for the company using the @dataqualitypro handle. He has been involved in data quality management since 1992.

Loraine Lawson, @LoraineLawson


Loraine Lawson is a technology writer and editor who often writes and tweets about data quality. Many of her articles appear on IT Business Edge. Recent articles include: Tackling the Unstructured Data in Big Data, Two Integration Trends That Could Challenge IT in 2015, and How to Make Data Quality a Habit in 2015. With a background in print journalism, access to industry experts, and an easy-reading writing style, Loraine Lawson helps readers make sense of highly technical topics. You can count on authoritative data quality articles, common sense analysis, and a sprinkle of fun when you follow @LoraineLawson.

Finally, keep up with us on Twitter @serviceobjects for all things #DataQuality!

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