DOTS Order Validation Is Fine Tuned

We listened to our clients feedback and performed some fine tuning on our DOTS Order Validation service to better meet their needs.

Our DOTS Order Validation service performs multi-function verifications including address validation, BIN validation, reverse phone lookup, email validation, and IP validation. Our proprietary normalizing algorithm inspects the various customer components and returns a 0-100 quality score on the overall validity and authenticity of the customer. 

With the fine tuning, quality scores in many of the test categories were re-balanced to no longer be as strictly penalized. Changes were also made so that the service could handle a wider variety of cases where data may or may not be available.

While the service still errs on the side of caution and will remain strict,  it is no longer as heavy handed with its penalties. Clients will still encounter orders that require review, as it is part of the service’s duty to make clients aware of suspicious looking orders, but they will also see many more valid orders pass. This means that the number of orders that need to be manually reviewed will be lower and will consume less time.

Click here to learn more about DOTS Order Validation.

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