New Service Objects Website Designed for Developers

We know, we know… it’s been a while since our last post (seven months, but hey, who’s counting) and we promise we’re trying to do better. A LOT has been happening these past few months, and we are so excited to tell you about our latest project, something known affectionately around the office as the 300lb Gorilla – our new and totally redesigned website!

Immediately you will notice streamlined menus, simple navigation and easy access to the details you need the most. With the addition of the Developers section, our new site has been transformed into a complete resource filled with DOTS sample code, plugins and more – every developer and IT professional’s dream. #dataquality #datavalidation

Our CEO, Geoff Grow, had this to say: “Our new website is the next step in Service Objects’ brand transformation. We think this new look expresses our culture of a modern company: Innovative, reliable and open for business.”

So… What’s new the website?


One of the best features of this website is the enhanced, easy-to-navigate Products section. We found that the best way to enhance the navigational experience was to simplify – allowing each visitor to immediately be able to hone in on the web service they are looking for.


During our design and development process, our main focus was to create a more “developer-based” experience. Our Marketing and Engineering teams worked closely to find better ways to encourage usability and make developer-related tools easy to access.

  • Developers section on main navigation: A new section has been added to our site where developers and IT integrators can easily find sample code, developer guides, and quick-test playground called Lookups.
  • Sample Code section has been reorganized: Sample Code can be found under the Developers section or within unique Product pages under “Developer Tools” and is organized by Product category and programming language.
  • Product specific pages : Each DOTS Web Service is very unique, and so we needed to find a way to display the right information in an organized structure. We found that allowing each user the opportunity quickly select the product-related information that was most important for them to read, eliminated time the person had to search. The “Developers Tools” area for each product also displays quick links to the service path and WSDL.


As the leader in real-time data validation, we believe in letting the accuracy of our data speak for itself. Our Free Trial allows anyone interested in integrating one of our DOTS Web Service APIs to instantly access a Trial Key with 500 free transactions. We also offer a Free Batch Upload so non-engineers can test our data as well.

We hope you’ll find this website sophisticated and smart, and we’d love to hear what you think!