New Undeliverable-as-Addressed (UAA) Standards

As a marketer I am always keeping a watch on industry news that will affect the bottom line of my sales and marketing campaigns. I think that this story is of particular interest to my field, especially since I will be able to utilize my company’s products to counteract the potential pitfalls associated with the new USPS UAA standards.

Beginning on November 23, 2008, USPS will begin to act on its pledge to reduce UAA mail volume by 50 percent by the year 2010. While in the past USPS has kept strict UAA guidelines for all Presorted First Class Mail, Standard Mail has never had to meet those same guidelines. However, beginning in November every piece of mail that passes through the Post office will be required to pass new UAA standards for deliverable mail.

Mailers that do not take action to scrub the addresses in their mailing lists and CRM databases clean will now face the threat of:

  1. Losing their mailing automation discounts
  2. Paying penalty fees for each piece of mail returned

As I mentioned earlier, Service Objects has a solution that can eliminate the threats associated with the new UAA standards. DOTS Address Validation – US removes the worry of undeliverable mail by checking every address on your mailing list or in your CRM database, right down to the mailbox level. Our service will even match the consumer or business name to the address, ensuring that your customers exist where you think they do.

DOTS Address Validations – US can help keep sales and marketing professionals compliant with new industry and government regulations while simultaneously enabling us to watch the bottom line of our campaigns, making sure that our dollars are being spent where we want them…bringing in the best possible leads for our companies!

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