Service Objects Announces DOTS NuGet Packages

What do you get when you cross Service Objects’ powerful data validation APIs with NuGet? Time savings — and peace of mind that our best practices including failover configuration have been implemented.

What is NuGet?

NuGet, an open source package manager, was first introduced in 2010 as NuPack. It has since evolved and is now preinstalled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and up. For Visual Studio 2010, it is available via Visual Studio Extension Gallery. Designed for the Microsoft development platform, NuGet supports multiple programming languages such as .NET Framework packages.

According to, as part of the package installation, NuGet will copy your files and then automatically apply any changes specified. Upon removal, the files will be removed and your changes reversed.

NuGet allows developers to more easily tap into the vast array of open source components readily available on the web. With NuGet, you can spend less time searching for, downloading, configuring, referencing, tweaking, and managing source files.

Third party developers, such as Service Objects, can produce and submit packages to the NuGet Gallery. Use either the Manage NuGet Packages dialog box or the Package Manager Console’s PowerShell command line commands to find, install, update, and remove packages.

Service Objects’ NuGet packages

Our suite of NuGet packages offer .Net developers easy access to a library of code that implements our best practices. Integration with Service Objects’ data validation will be fast and clear.

Why NuGet, and why now? While many developers successfully and efficiently implement our data validation APIs on a routine basis, we want to make your job easier. We decided to provide Service Objects DOTS data validation packages via NuGet because we wanted integration with our service APIs to be as simple, straightforward and fast as possible without compromise. Our NuGet packages enforce our best practices including failover configuration. The inclusion of failover was one of our top priorities when deciding to release NuGet packages because ensuring that you get the utmost quality and uptime when using our data validation APIs is also one of our top priorities.

NuGet has matured to the point where all of our internal requirements for a package manager have been met. Our engineers have built a suite of packages that allow you to more easily integrate our DOTS data validation tools into your projects.

This is our first release of Service Objects NuGet packages. Currently, these data validation NuGet packages operate using the recommended operation from each or our DOTS services. Over time, we will continue to add more operations to each of the packages in the suite.

Benefits of using our data validation NuGet packages

If you use Visual Studio 2012 or above, you already have the basic tools you need to work with our NuGet packages. By using our NuGet packages, you can expect the following:

  • Time saved during your development phase.
  • Our best practices implemented including failover configuration.
  • Web / app configuration settings injected directly into your configuration files.
  • Dependencies automatically added to your project.

Need more information? Feel free to reach out to discuss data validation API integration using NuGet.

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